How to Increase Your Chances of a Job Offer after Your Internship

Your internship is your stepping stone into the professional world, and most companies view internships as a way to scout early-career talent. If you are an intern, the possibility of your role transitioning into a permanent position could be on the horizon.

At Virtual Internships,  1 in 4 interns receive a job offer upon completing their internship.

However, securing a job offer after an internship needs much more than delivering great results. Here, we delve into eight strategies to elevate your chances of securing that job offer after your internship.


Unlocking the Door to Post-Internship Employment Opportunities

1) Demonstrate Capacity and Flexibility

Creating a lasting impression goes beyond delivering tasks efficiently. It’s about showcasing your adaptability within the work environment.  These traits signal to your employer that you are a dedicated, and self-disciplined individual capable of taking on additional responsibilities and handling change efficiently. 

To achieve this, start by comprehending your professional aspirations and aligning them with your supervisor's expectations. You can demonstrate your versatility and potential by:

  • Proactively volunteering for new projects and showing your willingness to learn and grow,
  • Communicating your ideas and progress,
  • Effectively collaborating with others, listening to all ideas, and contributing appropriately,
  • Staying on top of deadlines,
  • Showing the ability to work both independently and as a part of a team.

2) Show Enthusiasm and Initiative

An internship could be your first foray into the professional world, where everything will be new - the people, work, and culture. So when in doubt, embracing curiosity, asking pertinent questions, and exhibiting a zest for learning will set you apart.

Aim to be a quick learner who is adaptable to the workplace culture and align yourself with the company's overall objectives.

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3) Invest Time in Understanding the Company

Familiarize yourself with the company's goals, values, mission, primary challenges, and position in the wider industry. Grasping your role's (or department’s) significance within the broader solution framework will enable you to contribute effectively, thereby enhancing the company's bottom line (making you a STAR intern). 

Plus, with a plethora of information about the company’s history, services, and products, you'll always have something to discuss with your potential mentors and allies within the organization. 

4) Build a Rapport With Your Team

Businesses seek employees who work well in a team and have power skills that contribute to the overall morale, energy, and achievements of the team. Therefore, focusing on how you interact with your team, including your supervisor or line manager, higher superiors, colleagues, and fellow interns, is paramount. One example is by preparing a few well-thought-out questions about the company, role, or projects when you meet with your supervisor. 

Identify your strengths within group dynamics and areas for improvement. Cultivating these work relationships not only boosts your personal and professional growth but also brings you closer to a potential full-time job offer.

5) Seek Constructive Feedback

Nobody expects you to know everything. Employers, however, appreciate individuals willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best performance. Soliciting feedback demonstrates insight and a growth-oriented mindset. This approach demonstrates your ambition and commitment to progress within the company

Additionally, request a mid-term performance evaluation from your manager to assess accomplishments. Regular feedback meetings can facilitate goal-setting and keep your developmental trajectory on track. 

6) Broaden Your Network, Beyond Your Department

Your success in a company depends significantly on how good you are at collaborating with the team and how strong your network is. Therefore, don't confine yourself to your department alone. Forge connections with peers, employees, and interns across various departments. 

Not only will this improve your interpersonal and communication skills whilst building your personal network, but also your chance of landing a job offer. Here are a few practical networking tips:

  • Offer help, and support your team's workload to ensure peak productivity whenever possible.
  • Chat with your colleagues and superiors after work, and engage in a genuine conversation about common interests. 
  • Set networking goals. For example, make a list of people you'd like to connect with and approach one person daily.

Worried that remote internships might hinder your networking prospects? Discover the art of forging connections virtually and watch your career prospects flourish. Learn more by exploring our expert tips on online networking.

7) Be Accessible Yet Professional

Be it remote or on-site, view your internship as an extended interview. The impression you make throughout this period will be critical in securing job opportunities, whether through rehiring or receiving solid referrals from your host company. 

That's why it’s really important to always present your best professional self. Conduct yourself well and show them what you’d be like as a full-time employee: 

  • Maintain professional work ethics. 
  • Respect the company's decorum.
  • Be punctual.
  • Be polite and confident.

8) Request Referrals

In addition to nurturing relationships within your organization, leverage your senior networks for referrals. Reach out to tenured employees who comprehend the company culture, fostering connections that position them as your advocates.

While many interns get offered a job after an internship, if your situation doesn’t unfold as anticipated, a couple of references or, better yet, a LinkedIn recommendation could propel your future full-time offer letter.


State Your Intentions

There's nothing wrong with asking for something you've worked hard for. Therefore, don't hesitate to express your interest in a full-time role.

Schedule a meeting with your host company to explore full-time opportunities. Come to the meeting prepared with a strong resume reflecting your acquired skills, accomplished goals, and value contributions. Within this meeting, you can also demonstrate how you’ve contributed to the company during your internship and if you were to stay, how you would continue to do so. 

If things don't pan out, express your appreciation for the opportunity and ask the manager to reach back whenever a new position opens up.

Get inspired by the remarkable journey of one of our alumni, Sidney, who seamlessly turned her internship into a job offer. 


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