How to Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is more than just an online resume; it is your professional brand and gateway to new career opportunities. Meet Damian, an employability coach with over two decades of commercial expertise, here to guide you on crafting a compelling profile that opens doors to new opportunities and connects you with a global network of professionals.


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LinkedIn vs. CV/Resume: Understand the Differences

LinkedIn and CV/resume complement each other in portraying your professional journey. While both convey expertise and use the reverse chronological format, they serve distinct purposes. 

A CV is tailored to job applications, formal in tone, and concise, while LinkedIn builds your personal brand, facilitates networking, and accommodates a broader audience with an engaging, conversational tone.


Tackling Your LinkedIn Profile Step-by-Step

Harnessing Language Options for a Multilingual Profile

LinkedIn provides language options to cater to diverse audiences. You can create a secondary language profile to reach professionals across various linguistic backgrounds. Managing your public profile URL and selecting the right language settings enhances your profile's accessibility and visibility.

The Impact of a Profile Photo and Background Photo

A compelling profile photo and background photo are essential to make a strong first impression. Your profile photo should be recent, professional, and showcase your authenticity. It is an opportunity to showcase your professional demeanor and create an instant connection with viewers.

Maximizing the #OpenToWork Feature

LinkedIn's #OpenToWork feature signals your openness to new job opportunities. By specifying your preferences and preferred location, you can attract relevant recruiters and potential employers. However, it's essential to balance openness with privacy concerns.

Creating an Impactful Headline

Your headline is your digital elevator pitch, a brief yet impactful summary of your professional brand. It should encapsulate your expertise and unique value proposition to stand out in the competitive market.

Craft an Engaging About Section

The "About" section is your opportunity to tell your story and provide context to your professional journey. It is a chance to share your passion, goals, and the impact you aspire to create in your field.

Showcasing Your Skills and Expertise

Endorsements and Skill Assessments are essential for displaying your proficiency in various areas. These valuable endorsements validate your capabilities and boost your credibility on the platform

Leveraging Recommendations

Recommendations are powerful endorsements from colleagues, clients, or mentors. They provide valuable insights into your work ethic and strengths.


Amplifying Your Professional Identity on LinkedIn with Virtual Internships

Unlock the full potential of your Virtual Internships experience by incorporating advice like this into your journey. Benefit from expert webinars, 24/7 internship guidance, and two coaching sessions with professional mentors to chart your career path and leverage the enriching experiences of Virtual Internships to empower your professional growth.

LinkedIn offers a boundless realm of connections and prospects, achievable through adept personal branding. Elevate your profile with Virtual Internships achievements, transcending conventional CVs. Let this innovative platform be your canvas, painting your distinctive narrative and forging connections. Damian's insights coupled with your zeal can transform your LinkedIn presence into a testament of triumph, ushering in possibilities galore. Leverage the transformational Virtual Internships journey to propel your professional advancement.

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