How to Be an Expert Online Networker & Grow Your LinkedIn

In the digital age, networking has emerged as a pivotal aspect of career growth and success. It's like building bridges between people with shared goals, fostering mutually beneficial relationships that open doors to a world of opportunities and enrich your career journey.

Meet our esteemed speaker, Mojisola Olurotimi, a Global Career Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Employability Expert,  whose passion lies in helping professionals flourish in their careers. With her invaluable book, "The Gift of People," Mojisola has guided countless career and business professionals in mastering the art of networking.


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The Essence of Networking

Networking is more than a mere interaction; it's about connecting with people on a meaningful level and fostering mutually beneficial relationships. Whether you're on a job hunt or aiming to climb the career ladder, networking offers a wealth of opportunities to gain insights, career advice, and new professional avenues.

A fruitful networking endeavor can lead to discovering potential job opportunities, finding a mentor, or even venturing into exciting new career paths.


The Power of Online Networking Platforms

As the world evolves, so does networking. Embrace the digital wave of online networking that transcends geographical boundaries. 

Virtual networking platforms offer a treasure trove of opportunities to engage with professionals worldwide. Among the bustling online platforms are LinkedIn, Meetup, Xing, Clubhouse, and Bizfluenceapp, where you can forge global connections.


Building a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Step into the spotlight of LinkedIn, the epitome of professional networking. With over 930 million global members and 60+ million listed companies, LinkedIn offers an expansive stage to showcase your professional prowess. An optimized LinkedIn profile can showcase your expertise, skills, and achievements, making you an attractive candidate to potential employers.


Growing Your Network on LinkedIn

Identifying Potential Contacts

To grow your LinkedIn network effectively, start by creating a list of people to add or follow. Begin with those you know from college, internships, former and current jobs, volunteering, alumni networks, clubs, or organizations. 

Personalized Connection Requests

When sending connection requests, customize your messages to foster meaningful interactions. Utilize different approaches to connect with professionals, such as emphasizing shared experiences, projects, mutual respect, industry affiliation, or mutual connections.

The Power of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups act as thriving communities where professionals from similar industries come together to share insights and experiences. Engaging in conversations within these groups enables you to expand your network and stay updated with industry trends.


Harnessing the Potential of Recommendations

Genuine recommendations are golden nuggets that elevate your professional brand. Request recommendations from individuals who genuinely appreciate your skills and contributions. 

These sincere recommendations from trusted connections create a positive impact on your professional reputation, instilling confidence in potential employers and collaborators.


Mastering the Art of Informational Interviews

Informational interviews offer an informal platform to explore someone's career path and gain insights into a specific industry. Engaging in informational interviews showcases your proactive networking skills. Preparing an elevator pitch and initiating contact with professionals on LinkedIn paves the way for valuable conversations.


Traits of a Great Networker: Becoming a Self-Starter

Master networkers exhibit certain traits that set them apart from the crowd. By being proactive, setting clear goals, and staying organized, you can become an impactful networker who fosters meaningful relationships.

The Virtual Internships experience empowers you with the self-starting skills to embark on your networking journey with confidence.


Expanding Your Online Networking Skills with Virtual Internships 

As you embark on your journey to become an expert online networker, consider exploring remote internship opportunities that align with your career goals. Virtual Internships provide a flexible way to gain practical experience, network with professionals, and add valuable projects to your portfolio.

The Virtual Internships program not only enriches your online networking capabilities but also equips you with the tools to thrive in the ever-evolving digital world. So, let your networking adventure begin by enrolling now to be matched with your ideal internship from over 250,000 opportunities.

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