How to Impress Your CEO - 3 Failsafe Tactics

Impressing your CEO is a crucial aspect of career advancement, as they are the ultimate decision-makers in an organization. Even if immediate opportunities for growth are not available, impressing the CEO can open doors and create future prospects. In this blog post, we will explore three powerful tips shared by Jason Kan, Chief Operations Officer of Virtual Internships, that will help you leave a lasting impression on your CEO and demonstrate your potential for growth and success.

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Come Prepared with an Agenda

Communicate your desired topics of discussion and questions in advance. This demonstrates your proactive nature and respect for their time. By sparing the cognitive overhead for your CEO, you create an environment that allows for more productive and focused conversations.

Research Your CEO on LinkedIn

Before meeting with your CEO, take some time to research their background and interests on LinkedIn. This serves two purposes. Firstly, LinkedIn sends a notification to the person when their profile is viewed, indicating your preparation. Secondly, exploring their profile allows you to find common points of interest. This personal touch demonstrates your genuine interest and sets you apart as someone who goes the extra mile to connect with the CEO on a deeper level.

Always Come with Solutions

When addressing issues with your CEO, it's crucial to present potential solutions alongside the problems. A helpful rule of thumb is to provide three potential solutions for every issue. Avoid treating your CEO as a mere "solution vending machine" and instead showcase your problem-solving abilities and initiative. Clearly outline the pros and cons of each solution and confidently present your recommendation. This approach exhibits your action-oriented mindset and highlights your ability to independently navigate challenges within the business. 

Impressing your CEO is essential for advancing your career and opening doors to new opportunities. Your CEO is not only a decision-maker but also a potential advocate for your future growth. So, seize the opportunity to impress and build a strong relationship that can propel your career forward.

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