This University of Sydney Student Transformed Her Internship Into a Job Offer

Our alumni work across global boundaries, adapting to the new remote working world. Sidney's experience as a media intern at MBS Academy Australia during her time at the University of Sydney serves as a testament to the opportunities that lie ahead. Through this virtual journey, Sidney discovered newfound confidence and a broader perspective on work, ultimately preparing her for the future of work.


Breaking Boundaries: A Virtual Journey from Indonesia to Australia

Working from the comfort of her home in Indonesia, Sidney quickly realized that geography is no longer a limitation in the professional world. Virtual Internships provided her with a unique opportunity to intern with a company based in Australia, a new experience for her whilst studying at the University of Sydney. 

The remote work setup not only challenged Sidney's assumptions but also highlighted its effectiveness. Initially skeptical about the productivity of remote work, Sidney discovered that it offered its own set of advantages, including the flexibility to balance her studies at the University of Sydney effectively.


Hear from Sidney Talking About Her Experience Here:



Building Confidence through Remote Experiences

Sidney's internship project wasn't just about fulfilling her tasks; it was an opportunity to contribute to a project from its inception and witness its success. This experience instilled confidence and belief in her abilities to achieve anything she set her mind to.


Recognition and Opportunities

One in four Virtual Internships interns are offered roles with their host companies upon completing their internships, and Sidney was one of them. Her dedication and contributions were highly appreciated by her host company, leading to further opportunities to work together.

Sidney expressed her gratitude, saying, “They offered for me to continue working with them after the Internship. I felt very appreciated!”


Transformative Potential of Virtual Internships

As the world adapts to a new remote employment landscape, these opportunities offer students like Sidney a broader perspective and valuable skills in working collaboratively across borders. 

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