Enhancing Career Readiness for International Student Success

Navigating the professional realm presents a challenge, especially for students from diverse backgrounds. International students, in particular, face even greater hurdles in this competitive landscape. In our latest report ‘Unlocking Career Readiness’, we gather insights from 700 student-employer pairings to understand the current job market and strategies to enhance your academic offerings and enhance employability outcomes on a global scale for international graduates.

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Accessible Employability Solution for All

International students encounter more significant obstacles in securing job prospects compared to their domestic counterparts. For instance, Monash's research reveals a decline in the full-time employment rate of international graduates despite a rise in the popularity of studying abroad in Australia. Our findings address the challenges faced by 65% of non-interns in securing internships, which intensify for international students due to visa constraints and the fiercely competitive job market. To overcome these barriers, educational institutions can integrate structured remote internships into their academic programs. This not only breaks down geographical constraints but also ensures that all learners, regardless of location, gain real-world experience crucial for their future career prospects.


Career Readiness Competencies for Future Success

The NACE Job Outlook Report 2023 emphasizes the mismatch between employer expectations and the soft skills graduates bring to the table. Our research reveals significant improvements across all 8 crucial soft skills lacking in graduates, particularly in critical thinking and communication competencies. Notably, 94% of supervisors rated interns highly competent in critical thinking, surpassing interns' self-assessments. Consider the story of an international student from the University of Sydney, Sidney, whose structured work-based experience with MBS Academy Australia set the stage for success.

Moreover, for international students, confidence is an important aspect for international students to navigate the competitive foreign job market. By gaining real-world experience through remote internships, our report indicates a 24% increase in interns’ confidence levels in these crucial areas.

Delve into insights about higher education challenges and how structured remote internships can remove barriers for your international students in our ‘Unlocking Career Readiness’ report. This research will inform you of strategies to craft curricula aligned with the current expectations of learners and employers, ensuring degrees prepare students fully for the evolving world of work.

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