How Online Education and Work-Based Learning Can Shape Soft Skills for Career Success

Educational providers are seeking ways to equip their learners with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the digital age. We gathered insights from over 700 remote internship intern-supervisor pairings in our latest report 'Unlocking Career Readiness’ to understand the current employability landscape. This research delves into the demand for soft skills and how remote structured internships enhance career readiness competencies.

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Remote Structured Internships = More Employable Graduates

Learners face challenges when securing internships due to limited availability and accessibility. The paper addresses the obstacles nearly 65% of non-interns face in securing internship placements due to availability and accessibility issues.

The report explores how remote structured internships can offer learners real-world experience while honing career readiness competencies. Maab, one of our alumni from Lancaster University, stated, "Without this internship experience, it would have been very difficult to land my first paralegal role just six months after completing this internship". This further indicates the value of practical experience in shaping future career paths. By integrating these programs into digital learning, your institutions can eliminate geographical barriers and bridge the employability gap.


Nurturing Soft Skills In Digital Landscape

In today’s job market, employers value qualities such as communication, critical thinking, and teamwork, which are crucial for career readiness. The research demonstrates how remote structured internships reduce the gap between learners' self-perceived soft skill competencies and employer assessments.

After finishing the remote internship, interns noticed a surge in their critical thinking skills, jumping from 75% to 94%. Likewise, employers witnessed a remarkable improvement, rising from 57% pre-internship to 85% post-internship. These findings highlight the impact of these experiences in preparing learners for the future of work.

Our "Unlocking Career Readiness" report offers insights into the future of employability and the skills needed to succeed in the job market. By aligning online courses with the demands of the workforce, your institutions can empower learners to become adaptable and competent for their future careers.

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