University Leaders Embracing Experiential Learning Methods Will Create More Employable Graduates

As we witness the transformation in the relationship between education and employment, equipping learners with the skills employers value most becomes crucial. To this end, our latest research report, 'Unlocking Career Readiness,' is a comprehensive study based on insights gathered from over 700 remote internship intern-supervisor pairings, which dives into this topic.

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Enhanced Competencies Across the Board

The report showcases an impressive surge in all eight competencies strongly associated with the skills employers consider crucial for graduate career readiness. This means that by engaging in structured remote internships, learners gain valuable experience and significantly improve their skill set.


Critical Thinking and Communication Skills in the Spotlight

According to NACE's Job Outlook 2023 survey, critical thinking and communication skills are the linchpins of career success. The white paper reveals that these two vital soft skills witnessed the most substantial enhancements after participating in remote internship programs. By providing learners with opportunities to hone these skills, universities set them up for a prosperous journey into the job market.


Closing the Perception Gap

At the onset of their internships, learners exhibited greater confidence in their skills compared to their supervising employers. However, the white paper illustrates a heartening shift - after the completion of structured remote internships, the gap in perception closed. This indicates that employers believe that graduates indeed possess the skills required for success.


Structured Remote Internships = Soft Skill Development = Employability

The report underscores a clear correlation between engaging in remote internship programs and the development of essential soft skills. These skills, highly valued by employers, are often cited as areas where recent graduates may need further refinement. By offering structured remote internships, universities are bolstering career readiness and enhancing overall employability.

In a world where soft skills like adaptability, critical thinking, and effective communication are vital, providing learners with opportunities to develop these skills is a testament to a university's commitment to their future success.

Delve into the findings of 'Unlocking Career Readiness.' Your investment in this research report will inform your institution's strategies and contribute to the professional growth and success of your graduates.

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