How Virtual Internships Shaped My Career: A Journey of Growth and Opportunity

In today's competitive job market, finding relevant work experience can be a daunting task for recent graduates. However, for Maab Seifel Dean, the solution came in the form of Virtual Internships. Maab, currently a trainee solicitor in-house at Flex Legal, discovered the transformative power of remote work experience after completing her undergraduate law degree. Here, we explore Maab's journey and the significant impact of this internship experience had on her career.


The First Step Towards Professional Growth

After completing her university education, Maab found herself in a challenging situation, struggling to secure a role that aligned with her aspirations. Fortunately, while scrolling through her emails, she stumbled upon an intriguing opportunity. Lancaster University, where she pursued her undergraduate law degree, presented her with the option of Virtual Internships. The concept immediately caught her attention as it offered a convenient way to gain work experience without the need to relocate.


The Impact of Virtual Internships

Maab's decision to pursue this work experience proved to be a turning point in her career. By participating in these remote work experiences, she gained practical work experience and bridged the gap between theory and practice. Through Virtual Internships, Maab discovered a world of interesting clients and the opportunity to be paired with a company that aligned with her interests and aspirations. This unique advantage allowed her to grow both personally and professionally, setting the stage for a successful career in the legal field.


Looking Back, Moving Forward

Five years have passed since Maab embarked on her virtual internship journey. Today, she finds herself on the verge of completing her first year of training at BMW and qualifying through the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). While her journey has not been without its challenges, Maab's dedication, paired with the experiences gained through Virtual Internships, has laid a strong foundation for her future success.


Accelerate Your Own Career Journey With Virtual Internships

Maab's story highlights the immense value of remote work experience in shaping one's professional path. For aspiring professionals, Virtual Internships offers a bridge between education and the real-world work environment, providing an innovative platform to gain practical skills and establish industry connections. Whether you're a recent graduate or seeking to switch careers, exploring Virtual Internships can open doors to exciting opportunities and accelerate your professional growth. 

Guarantee your unbeatable advantage in the future job market by gaining the skills and competencies employers seek with a Virtual Internship.

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