What is Intentional Career Planning and How Do You Start?

Embarking on a career journey can be overwhelming, especially when faced with the pressure to make quick decisions. Many people dive into jobs after university, hoping to gain experience, only to realize later that the path they chose isn't aligned with their true passion or desired industry. 

Our esteemed speaker, Laura Bidegain, a seasoned career development educator and coach, is here to illuminate the way to designing an intentional career plan. Here, we’ll explore actionable steps to empower you with a purpose-driven approach to your professional future.

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Unveiling the Essence of a Career Plan

What truly lies at the core of a career plan? It goes beyond a mere checklist; it's a thoughtful roadmap to attain your professional aspirations. A career plan entails identifying your field of interest, crafting long-term objectives, and devising a strategy for achieving career success.

Beyond providing direction, a well-crafted career plan helps you stay organized and make informed decisions about courses to take, skills to acquire, internships to pursue, and positions to apply for. Breaking your journey into manageable steps becomes a motivating tool that transforms an overwhelming endeavor into an achievable pursuit.


Steps to Forge Your Career Plan

The Quest for Self-Awareness

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring your innermost interests, values, talents, and curiosities. Embrace the reflective process and utilize self-assessment tools to gain a deeper understanding of your unique strengths. 

By engaging in mind-mapping exercises and attending coaching calls, you foster self-awareness that lays the foundation for an intentional career path. Remember, self-knowledge is a powerful asset for success in any endeavor.

Embracing the Uncharted Terrain: Exploring Options

Venture into the realm of possibilities by examining inconveniences and potential solutions that pique your interest. Embrace the inquisitive spirit that fuels creativity and look beyond conventional boundaries. 

By cross-pollinating ideas, keeping a journal, and identifying energizing pursuits, you uncover hidden passions that might shape your future trajectory. Remember, the most transformative insights often come from daring to step out of your comfort zone.

Choosing the Right Job Target

With newfound clarity, it's time to set your sights on a potential job target. Dive into in-depth research of growing job markets, top companies, and organizations that resonate with your aspirations. Engage in conversations with professionals working in your dream roles, seeking wisdom from those with firsthand experiences. Embrace volunteer opportunities, internships, or job shadowing to gain invaluable exposure. Remember, the more you immerse yourself in your desired field, the clearer your path becomes.

Personal Branding: Storytelling That Elevates You

The art of articulating your personal brand is vital in crafting your career narrative. Showcase your achievements and strengths through a targeted resume/CV and a compelling LinkedIn profile. Embrace your authenticity in interviews, narrating powerful stories of your accomplishments and how you bring value to the table. Remember, a strong personal brand establishes your unique identity and sets you apart from the crowd.

Preparing and Launching Your Job Search

Set SMART career goals as you embark on your job search journey. Methodically track your progress through job applications, networking events, and insightful meetings. Stay open-minded, embracing serendipitous moments that might lead to unexpected opportunities. Remember, resilience and adaptability are key to navigating the ever-changing job market.


Career Plan 'Must-Haves': Nurturing Your Path to Success

At the heart of your career plan lies a series of critical elements that demand attention and reflection. Understand your motivations, needs, and goals, for they serve as a compass guiding your choices. Recognize the value of support systems and the wisdom gained from feedback. Cultivate an open mind, understanding that the journey may take unexpected turns, which can lead to surprising opportunities.


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