What Geographical Barriers? Increasing Access to Work-Based Learning Experiences in Higher Education

The integration of work-based learning experiences, such as co-ops, project-based learning, and internships, has become a cornerstone of preparing students for their professional journeys. However, traditional limitations tied to in-person work-based learning experiences can restrict opportunities for students based on their geographical location and industry compatibility.

Michael True, President of InTRUEition and Founder of Internship-Net, stands out as one of the Ten Most Visionary Leaders in Career Services. With a wealth of experience in the realm of internships and career development, Michael True joined us to shed light on the transformative potential of remote/virtual internships in expanding opportunities for students across diverse contexts.


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Diverse Contexts of Educational Institutions

Educational institutions, from bustling urban centers to serene rural landscapes, present diverse contexts for offering work-based learning experiences. Some campuses find themselves strategically situated in what can be termed "target-rich environments," where local industries and businesses align seamlessly with the majors offered by the institution. In such cases, students benefit from internships that perfectly complement their academic pursuits.

However, not all institutions enjoy the privilege of being in a target-rich environment. This poses a challenge for students seeking relevant work experiences, especially when the local industry landscape does not naturally align with their fields of study. 


Unlocking Access through Virtual Internships

The emergence of remote internships has revolutionized the landscape of work-based learning. True points out that traditional in-person internships can pose challenges when the local job market is limited or experiences economic downturns. 

Overcoming Geographic Constraints and Economic Uncertainties

Remote experiential learning experience provides a unique advantage – the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Michael True highlights the flexibility inherent in the virtual internship model. If one geographical area experiences a decline in internship opportunities, students can seamlessly pivot to remote internships in other regions that are thriving. This adaptability ensures that students continue to gain valuable experience and skills regardless of external challenges.

He cites a striking example of a Midwest institution that faced a predicament when the economy plummeted, resulting in a significant portion of organizations rescinding their ability to host interns. In such cases, Virtual Internships emerge as a viable solution, offering flexibility and the ability to redirect students to global opportunities that match their career aspirations.

Elevating the Learning Experience

As a visionary leader in career services, Michael True underscores the importance of work-based learning experiences that align with educational goals. Virtual internships, while transcending geographical barriers, still uphold the value of structured learning. These experiences offer students the chance to engage in meaningful projects, collaborate remotely, and gain insights from professionals across the globe, thereby enhancing their skill set and expanding their network.


A New Era of Work-Based Learning with Virtual Internships

In the pursuit of preparing students for the modern workforce, educational institutions are navigating uncharted territories. The traditional limitations of physical internships are being redefined by the emergence of virtual internships and remote work experiences. 

At Virtual Internships, our unique platform ensures intelligent, rapid matches between students and companies, providing access to real global internships at exciting, global companies. We go beyond just placements, offering training and support before and during the internship to equip students with the skills they need to excel. 

It's a future-focused approach to education that transcends borders and empowers students on a global scale. No other platform can be both tangible and scalable for universities like Virtual Internships.

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