How an Internship Helped a First-Gen Student Achieve Their Goals

Internships play a pivotal role in shaping the career trajectories of aspiring young minds. However, access to internships can sometimes be hindered by barriers, including geographical limitations, prerequisites, and financial constraints. 

Bridgewater State University (BSU), in its pursuit of empowering students and fostering their dreams, partnered with Virtual Internships to break down these barriers and create a transformative experience for students like Jocelyn Canales. This case study delves into the journey of Jocelyn and the impact of Virtual Internships in enabling her to pursue her dreams.

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A Journey of Flexibility and Empowerment

Jocelyn, a marketing student at Bridgewater State University, had her sights set on a remarkable journey toward professional success. However, the financial burden of funding her education became a significant challenge. Determined to secure valuable work-integrated learning while also saving money for school, Jocelyn sought an opportunity that could offer flexibility without compromising on quality. This is where Virtual Internships caught her attention.

The appeal of Virtual Internships lies in their commitment to providing a flexible and accessible platform for students like Jocelyn. With the option to work remotely, she could embrace the experience of a placement program without worrying about geographical constraints. This remote format allowed her to effectively balance her academics while immersing herself in the professional world of marketing.


Breaking Barriers to International Internships

Associate Director, Outreach, and Engagement at Bridgewater State University, Carol Crosby, had a vision to shatter the barriers that held back students from pursuing global work experiences. She recognized that many students faced obstacles in securing work-based learning, particularly in fields like computer science, where prerequisite courses were often a requirement.

Carol found a reliable ally in Virtual Internships, whose dedication to finding the right projects for students with diverse backgrounds proved transformative. Virtual Internships opened doors for first and second-year computer science students who would typically struggle to find internships due to the lack of necessary courses.


Interning Remotely in Spain from America

Through Virtual Internships, Jocelyn got a successful placement with Glo910, a Spanish company focused on the European beauty market. As a social media intern, she worked diligently on developing social media plans, particularly for TikTok expand the company’s presence in the American beauty industry. 

Despite juggling her virtual internship, a full-time retail job, and academic commitments, Jocelyn demonstrated remarkable dedication. She maintained open communication with her supervisor and Virtual Internships, ensuring a harmonious workflow.

The Building Blocks of Growth

During her virtual internship, Jocelyn's two most significant areas of growth were time management and communication skills. Balancing work, studies, and personal commitments demanded precise scheduling, and she embraced the challenge with resilience. 

Jocelyn's supervisor played a pivotal role in guiding and providing tips to improve her time management skills. This nurturing environment allowed her to develop the ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic work setting.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

As an ambitious young professional, Jocelyn initially faced imposter syndrome. However, her experience with Virtual Internships dispelled those doubts and instilled in her newfound confidence and self-belief. The internship proved that with determination and hard work, she could achieve her dreams. 

“I would definitely recommend Virtual Internships to anyone who is looking for an internship. And that is because Virtual Internships really does show you that you are able to accomplish literally anything that you want, even if it's from like your bedroom! Virtual internships really did teach me that I can accomplish anything and all of my dreams can be a reality sometime in the future.” - Jocelyn

Moreover, her remote work experience sparked a passion for travel, leading her to explore Italy, Guatemala, and soon, embark on a study abroad program in Prague.


Virtual Internships as a Stepping Stone

Jocelyn's journey with Virtual Internships exemplifies the transformative impact of remote internships. With dedication, time management, and open communication, she turned her virtual experience into a stepping stone for her career. 

At Virtual Internships, our exceptional platform facilitates intelligent and swift connections between students and companies, granting them access to global internships at growing enterprises. Moreover, we extend our services beyond mere placements by providing comprehensive training and ongoing support during the internship, empowering students with the essential skills to excel.

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