The Importance of Global Experience in Higher Education

In today's world, it's becoming increasingly important for students to have global experience. Whether through real-time travel or virtual exchange programs, global experience can be just as enriching. David Armstrong, a long-time educator and former Chancellor of the 28 College State College system and former President of Broward College, believes that having global experience is crucial for students' knowledge, understanding of different cultures, and appreciation of diversity.

As the business world becomes more global, students who have experienced other cultures are more likely to be successful in their careers, having had more opportunities to interact with people from other countries and cultures, making them more culturally sensitive and aware. As relationships between companies develop globally through remote work, having cultural sensitivity and awareness can be a big plus for students in their opportunities for growth. 

The more we help students with cultural and global sensitivity, awareness, and knowledge, the more effective they will be in their careers and jobs. This will also lead to more effective businesses. Therefore, it's essential for higher education institutions to provide global experiences to their students, and that doesn't necessarily mean students have to travel to different countries. Virtual exchange programs, where students can interact with peers from other countries, are also an excellent way to gain global experience. Additionally, study abroad programs, internships, and volunteer work abroad can provide students with hands-on experience of other cultures.

In conclusion, higher education institutions should prioritize providing global experiences to their students. It's crucial for students to have cultural sensitivity, awareness, and knowledge to be successful in their careers and in a global world. As the world becomes more interconnected, having meaningful experience in a global setting will only become more important.

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