This US Student Began His Journey into Global Healthcare Through Remote Internships

When Nathan, a dedicated Biology student at the University of Kansas, decided to take on an internship during his summer break, he had no idea that this experience would shape his future in profound ways. Through Virtual Internships, Nathan found his summer placements with Ascroft Medical in the UK. His journey is a testament to the power of work-based learning experiences in equipping emerging professionals with career readiness competencies for the future of work.


Journey into Global Healthcare: US Student Interned Remotely with UK Medical Clinic

Nathan’s internship at Ascroft Medical was not a typical summer internship; it was a gateway to gaining practical experience in the healthcare industry through a remote internship. He took on the challenge of developing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses that would contribute to the accreditation of healthcare professionals. These modules serve as resources for professionals striving to enhance their skills and advance their lifelong learning journey.


Unlocking Power Skills and Global Connections

Through the online internship experience, he not only broadened his horizons but also honed a range of power skills such as time management and networking. Engaging in this project-based learning allowed him to master the art of setting priorities and meeting deadlines while juggling personal and professional responsibilities.

Moreover, this remote experiential learning opportunity offers him a distinct chance to break out of his usual social circle. Collaborating with individuals from different time zones and cultural backgrounds sharpened his interpersonal and networking abilities. It enabled him to establish connections with colleagues and effectively communicate with superiors in professional settings. These competencies will undoubtedly distinguish him in future multicultural and diverse work environments.


The Role of Mentorship in Early-Career Talent

Nathan's success story isn't just about the skills he acquired but also the guidance and mentorship he received during his experiential learning program. During his time with Virtual Internships, Nathan benefited from regular check-in sessions with a coaching expert. These sessions provided guidance to navigate the typical uncertainties that early-career talent often encounter. With personalized support and advice, he successfully confronted challenges and gained a clearer perspective on his future career path.

Nathan recalls, "The coaching calls showed me how to set short- and long-term goals while working to ensure continuous skill development and career advancement; alongside being offered a position at Ascroft at the end of my internship!"


A Leap Into The World of Career Possibilities

Nathan's internship was not just an educational experience; it was a stepping stone to his future. The remote healthcare internship allowed him to build future-proof skillsets, expand his professional network, and ultimately secure a long-term position with Ascroft Medical.

His journey underscores the immense value of work-based learning experiences in preparing graduates for their future careers. Nathan's story highlights how exposure to remote internships with wraparound support gives learners a distinct advantage in the competitive job market.


Empowering Students For Career Success Through Virtual Internships

Nathan's success story is not an isolated case; it's a testament to the effectiveness of experiential learning platforms like Virtual Internships in young professionals’ careers. At Virtual Internships, we partner with governments, career services, universities, and educational providers to bridge the gap between academia and industry settings. Our innovative platform offers students like Nathan to step into the global professional world and gain hands-on experience to prepare them for the future of work

Our program goes beyond just mere work placements; during the remote internship experience, students will get access to career coaching calls and employability expert webinars that align with NACE's career readiness competencies. With the right support and opportunities, emerging professionals can confidently step into the ever-changing job landscape. Partner with us today to enhance your learners’ employability through guaranteed global work experience.

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