My Virtual Internship Accelerated My Career – Part 3/3

This is the third part of a three-part series written by one of our alumni, Natalie Bright, who now works in marketing at a design studio in London. 


What Happened At The End of My Virtual Internship

  • Did my host company offer me full-time work? 
  • What was Virtual Internships’ involvement post-placement?
  • Did my virtual internship benefit my career prospects?

Well, ViewShaper was a tech start-up company, so I had a feeling they wouldn’t have the budget to take me on full-time at the end of my internship. Unfortunately, I was right. However, it was communicated to me that when the company had the financing to grow their team in the future, they would love to have me on board (disclaimer: this isn’t necessarily the case for all Virtual Internships interns, as I’m aware one in four interns get offered full-time positions by their host companies).

For now, it was time for me to move on with the invaluable experience I now had and start thinking about my next steps.

Working With Virtual Internships And ViewShaper

Within a few days of completing my placement, Virtual Internships contacted me. Specifically, they were offering dedicated time with a professional career coach (as part of their internship program). Eagerly, I booked on with Susanna Hedström as I knew, at this point, I could use all of the advice, insight, and guidance I could get.

The session was incredibly helpful: we mapped out a five-year career plan, went over application tips and tricks, and discussed industry insights – all of which I benefited from in my full-time job search. At the same time, I was also receiving a tremendous amount of support from my host company, specifically with regard to CV support and their marketing network.

I never felt alone. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that, post-internship, I was extremely supported in my full-time job search. 

However, did any of this make a difference in an oversaturated job market? Read on. 


How I Leveraged My Virtual Internship Experience In My Full-Time Job Search

The competition was fierce when I was searching for a full-time job. Applicant numbers were soaring, and, despite the pandemic, recruiters were still looking for 1+ years of experience relating to an entry-level role. Also, searching for your first full-time job can be a demoralizing process – your degree, your work experience, and your personal skill sets are all condensed into a two-page, faceless CV that, as I was told by multiple career advisors, recruiters only look at for around 10 seconds. So, in light of all this, I knew that spotlighting any relevant experience that would help me stand out from the crowd was key.

Personally, I felt as though my virtual internship would play a significant role on my CV. Not only would it spotlight my experience in marketing, but it would also reveal my intercultural capabilities and experience adapting to new markets and audiences…

Where I Positioned My Virtual Internship On My CV

I placed my virtual internship right at the top of my CV; not only because it was structured in a chronological format (as an entry-level applicant), but because recruiters scan for distinct highlights like this.

It proved to work and to be intriguing to many recruiters, awarding me with that slight edge and advantage that I needed to get my foot in the door and into interview rooms.

Talking About My Virtual Internship In Interviews

Throughout the interview stage of my job search, I was constantly asked about my virtual internship with ViewShaper – how I managed to gain the opportunity, how it was working internationally, and what experience I had gained.

One point that consistently came up was the fact that I had remote work experience. As a result of the pandemic, it’s now common to have hybrid or remote working environments in many industries. As such, having obtained an internship where I had experience and was versed in the responsibilities of working remotely, I had an attractive advantage.

Applying The Skills I Gained In My Virtual Internship To My Job

I was lucky enough to get my first full-time job within two months of my job search. It was a role that offered a hybrid working model, so thankfully I felt a degree of preparation for what was to come.

Having undertaken a virtual internship, I must say that it gave me the initial experience I needed in my respective field of marketing, but, more importantly, it prepared me for the level of independence, trust, and responsibility that is required in our new working world. 

Remote work can be challenging with Zoom fatigue, reduced communication, and heightened responsibility, so it’s extremely important to gain the skills necessary to help you prepare for this modern working culture.


Yes, My Virtual Internship Accelerated My Career, and Here’s Why I’d Recommend It 

There are so many benefits to undertaking a virtual internship; many of which will provide you with extraordinary career opportunities and experiences.

Whilst I could think of endless examples as to why I would recommend a virtual internship, here are some of my top reasons:

  1. The opportunity to work anywhere, whenever
  2. Ownership over working methods and processes
  3. Gaining transferable skills that apply to our current hybrid working culture
  4. Boosting confidence in your job search
  5. Gaining a competitive edge in your job search
  6. Building international connections and relationships

Overall, not only did my virtual internship accelerate my career but it is an experience that I hold very dear to my heart due to the opportunities offered and connections made.

So, if you’re interested in gaining the work experience that’s going to accelerate your career on a virtual internship like mine, apply for a virtual internship here!

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