How to Start a Summer Internship Program for Your Business

Internships have evolved from a gateway for students to enter the professional world. In the current hiring environment, hosting such programs enables employers to shape the workforce and establish the groundwork for future recruitment.

The summer season is when students and early-career individuals actively seek hands-on experience. We'll provide steps to help you create a successful internship and prepare your organization for the upcoming summer cohort.


Steps to Design a Structured Summer Internship Program

Setting Clear Program Objectives

Success in any internship program begins with clear goals aligned with your company's needs and the interns' growth. Well-defined objectives help optimize the program by concentrating on tasks that contribute to progress. Additionally, they serve as a basis for identifying relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure program success and offer constructive feedback to interns.

Crafting Internship Project Plan

After defining the program objectives, it's crucial to develop a detailed internship project plan. This plan serves to convey the program's scope and expectations to interns. It should include details such as the duration, schedule, anticipated working hours, daily tasks, and overall scope of the internship.

In a skills-oriented world, this plan becomes a chance to match projects with interns' skill development. By stating the skills they can expect to gain, you enable interns to make informed choices and select the ones that align with their goals.

Collaborating with Educational Institutions

Establishing collaborations with local educational institutions proves to be the most effective approach for accessing and engaging with the early career talent pool. The current higher education is dealing with an employability gap where theoretical learning alone is no longer enough to prepare students for the future of work

This offers opportunities for growing organizations like yours to step in and support student pathways. However, educational institutions tend to lean towards partnerships with larger regional organizations. This poses challenges for startups to step into the field.

Creating an Inclusive Application and Selection Process

It is crucial to establish an accessible application process that caters to a diverse pool of candidates. Summer interns are often recent graduates with limited prior experience. 

So, instead of emphasizing merit or experience-centric criteria, concentrate on attitudes and cultural alignment. Integrate skills-based hiring practices to emphasize growth potential and foster equal opportunities for all applicants. This ensures that your organization does not overlook any potential candidates and opens doors for a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

Fostering a Positive Internship Experience

Building a supportive and inclusive company culture is key to fostering a positive summer internship experience. Whether the program is conducted on-site or remotely, create an environment where all voices are heard and valued. Encourage summer interns to share their ideas, suggestions, and feedback openly to cultivate engagement among the team. 

At Virtual Internships, we appreciate companies that go the extra mile to foster positive internship interactions. We honor these companies through our annual award program - Remote Excellence Awards

Providing Mentorship and Professional Development

Think of the internship program as a mentorship opportunity. Whether it’s summer employment or full-time placement, people consistently seek continuous learning opportunities. Ensure your summer program fosters a culture of growth by assigning mentors, offering training sessions, and encouraging networking within the company. 

Virtual Internships also value the contribution of a host company to provide a positive internship experience. We introduce our Remote Excellence Award as a chance for us to honor host companies who are committed to providing exceptional experiences for interns throughout their internship experience. Join us and start to make impact and you can be the next Award winner.

Evaluating Intern Performance

Regular check-ins are required to keep expectations aligned. Have a system where constructive feedback is provided to help these emerging professionals improve and get involved in the work.

By the end of the program, it’s necessary to review and assess the potential for future employment or extended internship opportunities. Professional feedback mechanisms are a great way to present your company as the go-to choice and enhance brand awareness among the future workforce.

Reviewing Program for Future Improvement

At the end of the summer internship, collect feedback from all stakeholders involved. Use these insights to identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to enhance the program offerings.


Challenges in Hosting Internship Programs

These annual programs have become standard practices that positively impact the economy and shape future leaders. However, putting words into action is not always easy.

Traditionally, universities have built connections with local employers, establishing pathways for student employment that improve graduate outcomes and contribute to the local economy. Additionally, hosting internships involves more than just academic partnerships. Bringing interns for mentorship requires dedicating time, capacity, and financial resources to their supervision.

These standards, however, pose challenges for small and growing organizations seeking to join the field, given their limited resources. With the ongoing skills gap, attracting qualified interns becomes even more challenging for SMEs due to a need for brand awareness and human capital resources.


Launch Your Next Summer Internship Program with Virtual Internships

Long-standing partnerships between top education providers and recognized corporations have created barriers for SMEs to enter the field. The limited human and financial resources of small and growing companies further complicate their ability to host interns. Effective internship programs require more than just bringing in new talent; they need the right platform, a structured mentoring and feedback system, and dedicated time and resources for intern management to meet expectations on both sides. 

At Virtual Internships, we offer an easy and accessible way to host internships by taking away barriers from your end. Here's how Virtual Internships can help you set up your next summer program in just a few simple steps.

  • Seamless Integration: With our innovative platform, you can seamlessly incorporate experiential learning into your organization's operations within 72 hours.
  • Pre-Vetted Interns: We ensure all students undergo the pre-screening process to ensure all interns possess both potential and a growth mindset.
  • 24/7 Support: Our global team of experts can support and give valuable feedback for improvements. Learn how MyHomeworkReward, one of our host companies, benefits from our support system.
  • Global Talent Pool: We introduce you to a diverse workforce through our global partnerships with educational providers, governments, and agencies.
  • Year-Round Intern Cohort: Internships are no longer confined to summer. Virtual Internships welcome different intern cohorts year-round to cater to your needs.

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