Introducing the Winners of the Remote Excellence Awards 2024!

We are thrilled to announce the outstanding winners of the 2024 Remote Excellence Awards. At Virtual Internships, we take pride in our expansive network of over 15,000 companies worldwide, each taking steps to redefine talent acquisition and mentorship in impactful ways.

The Remote Excellence Awards recognize companies' commitment to guiding the next generation of talent and fostering an enhanced remote work environment. Across eight categories and five world regions, these awards honor outstanding overall intern experience, internship projects, virtual training and development, mentorship, diversity and inclusion, work environment, innovation in remote internship management, and remote onboarding processes.

Congratulations to our winners! The details of this year’s Remote Excellence Awards can be viewed below:

Host Company of the Year

This award recognizes outstanding host companies that have demonstrated exceptional commitment and effectiveness in hosting remote interns in multiple ways. 

host company of the year 2024

Africa Americas Asia-Pacific and/ South Asia Europe/UK Middle East


Best Internship Project

This award highlights host companies with the most outstanding, impactful, and educational projects. 

best internship project 2024

Africa Americas Asia-Pacific/ South Asia Europe/UK


Excellence in Virtual Training & Development

This award acknowledges companies that have excelled in providing comprehensive and effective virtual training programs. 

excellence in virtual trining and development

Americas Europe/UK Asia-Pacific/ South Asia Africa


Outstanding Mentorship

This award celebrates individuals or teams within host companies that have displayed exceptional dedication to guiding remote interns and fostering meaningful professional relationships. 

outstanding mentorship award 2024

Americas Europe/UK Asia-Pacific/ South Asia Middle East Africa


Diversity & Inclusion Leader

This award recognizes the organizations that have actively promoted and implemented diversity and inclusion initiatives within their remote internship programs.

diversity & inclusion leader 2024

Americas Europe/UK Asia-Pacific/ South Asia Africa


Most Supportive Work Environment

This award honors host companies that have created a remote work atmosphere conducive to the well-being and productivity of virtual interns. 

most supportive environment 2024 winner


Innovation in Remote Internship Management

This award highlights the organizations that introduced innovative and effective strategies for managing remote internship programs. 

innovation in remote internship management

Americas Europe/UK Asia-Pacific/ South Asia Africa


Best Remote Onboarding

This award commends host companies with the most effective and seamless onboarding process for remote interns, ensuring a smooth transition into the virtual work environment.

best remote onboarding 2024

Americas Europe/UK Asia-Pacific/ South Asia Africa


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