Host Companies That Excel: Announcing The Remote Excellence Awards 2024

We are incredibly proud of our global network of over 15,000 companies that are approaching talent acquisition, mentorship, and development of the next generation of brilliant minds in innovative ways. 

As such, each year we award a select number of our outstanding host companies with awards.

This year, we're proud to announce the Remote Excellence Awards 2024. Our first-ever awards that highlight companies in this global community for their dedication to excellence in remote work, hosting virtual interns, and playing a key role in mentoring the next generation of talent.

Here is a list of the awards up for grabs and their categories:

Host Company of the Year

This award recognized an outstanding host company that has consistently excelled in providing exceptional internship experiences. The tiers are based on overall excellence in multiple aspects like intern satisfaction, innovation, and impact.

Best Internship Project

This award honours the host company that offered the most innovative, challenging, and educational project or set of projects. It is differentiated based on the creativity, educational value, and impact of the projects offered by host companies.

Excellence in Virtual Training & Development

This award honours the host company that has provided exemplary training and development opportunities to interns in a virtual setting. The awards are tiered based on the comprehensiveness, effectiveness, and feedback of training and development programs.

Outstanding Mentorship

This award recognizes individuals or teams within host companies that have demonstrated exceptional mentorship and guidance to interns. The tiers are based on varying levels of mentorship quality, as evidenced by intern feedback, mentor engagement, and developmental outcomes. 

Diversity & Inclusion Leader

This award is given to host companies that have made significant efforts to ensure diversity and inclusivity in their internship programs. The tiers are based on the extent and effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives within the internship programs.

Most Supportive Work Environment

This award honors the host company that have created the most supportive and nurturing work environment for interns. The tiers are be based on factors like intern feedback, work-life balance support, and overall work environment quality.

Innovation in Remote Internship Management

This award recognizes the host companies that employ innovative strategies to manage and engage interns remotely. The tiers are based on the level of innovation, effectiveness, and intern engagement in the management of remote internships.

Best Remote

This award recognizes the host companies that provide a well-structured, innovative, seamless approach to onboarding remote employees and, subsequently, remote interns.

We're in the process of nominations, and the winners will be announced in early January 2024, so if you receive a nomination, keep your fingers crossed! 

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