A Remote Internship That Landed a Role in the United Nations

In the ever-changing landscape of global careers, the value of internships has become increasingly apparent. One person who can attest to this is our alumnus, Jack, who completed an internship with us through GenerationUK, and now holds a role at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok, whilst studying in Japan. Here, we'll delve into Jack's unique trajectory, from his undergraduate days in the UK to his Virtual Internships experiences that paved the way for his current role at the UN.

Undergraduate Days and Passion for International Work

Jack’s journey began at the University of Nottingham, where he pursued a degree in Management. It was during this time that he was able to take a placement year, choosing to work with Aldi to complete a face-to-face internship. While he was studying for his Master's in Malaysia, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, changing how the world interacted. Jack began to research his options and re-discovered that Generation UK, which he had researched whilst an undergraduate, was re-starting its program in partnership with Virtual Internships. For Jack, it was an easy decision.

 “I was aware of the Generation UK program when it was running in-person internships in China, but when COVID hit, those were no longer possible. So, when the program restarted… and it was virtual, I was studying in Japan. It was, of course run, by Virtual Internships, so I absolutely signed up and took part.”

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Unveiling the Value of Virtual Internships

Jack found his remote experience to be incredibly valuable, offering exposure to diverse ecosystems within companies and the chance to adapt to various company values and work cultures. Jack's internship proved instrumental in shaping his leadership skills and instilling confidence in his decision-making abilities. 

Navigating Leadership Styles and Career Choices

Through this experience, he learned to think outside the box, a skill that greatly benefitted him in his academic pursuits as well. Moreover, his remote work experience provided Jack with insights into different leadership styles, enabling him to explore various career options and understand the type of leader he aspired to be. 

He also took great value from the coaching calls Virtual Internships offers as part of its program, stating:

“Following those coaching calls, that was when I actually decided to apply for the United Nations because I felt that it was definitely a career that I felt ready to step into - they were definitely helpful for me!”

Thriving in a Virtual Environment

Working in a global organization like the United Nations, Jack highlights the increasing importance of virtual work and remote collaboration. As the world becomes more interconnected, understanding how to work remotely and navigating different cultural norms and working styles is becoming a valuable skill set. 

The experiences and skills gained from his Virtual Internships experience empowered him to confidently contribute to an esteemed organization like the UN and make his dream of working in Asia a reality. 

Empower Students with Global Opportunities through Virtual Internships

At Virtual Internships, our unique platform ensures intelligent, rapid matches between students and companies, providing access to real global internships at exciting, global companies. We go beyond just placements, offering training and support before and during the internship to equip students with the skills they need to excel.

Our mission extends to working with universities, pathway providers, and governments to upskill, reskill, and prepare their students and individuals for the future of work. We are dedicated to empowering students like Jack and countless others in kickstarting their careers through remote work experience, unlocking a global network of relationships, and opening doors to transformative experiences.

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