Making Global Internships Accessible: Impactful Case Studies from Virtual Internships

The requirement for relevant work experience often eludes non-traditional individuals from entering the workforce. In the recent conversation with Ed Holroyd Pearce, Co-founder and President at Virtual Internships, he shed light on the pivotal role accessibility plays in guiding individuals, regardless of their backgrounds and location, toward future career success.


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Empowering Women Returners Through Reentry Programs

Often, women step back from their careers to attend to family or personal commitments. But returning to work after an extended break poses a significant challenge.

The story of Natalie Seiwright, a Women Returners Program alum, echoes these struggles: 

“When I became a single mum of three kids, returning to work was an incredibly daunting and scary prospect. I had been out of work for two years and had no idea where to even begin, especially given how expensive childcare is!”

In response to these challenges, Virtual Internships collaborates with Skills Development Scotland to provide tailored programs to support women returning to work. This initiative aims to equip women with tools and resources to regain their confidence and adapt to the transformed work landscape. 

Eilidh, one of the Women Returner program candidates, shared how this initiative prepared her for the next phase of her professional journey. With a focus on inclusivity, the program aims to break down obstacles to ensure no one is excluded from career opportunities.  


Nurturing Environmental Consciousness through Global Collaboration

To secure a sustainable future, entities, whether large corporations or small businesses, must join forces to address environmental challenges. 

One such initiative is the Climate Action Virtual Internships program. This is a collaboration between Virtual Internships and climate education organization Pomegranate Global to cultivate environmental awareness among students in Australia and New Zealand. 

The unique nature of all Virtual Internships programs is zero carbon with no flights or commutes, which aligns with with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Beyond this, a climate action project integrated into the internship experience allows students to contribute to sustainability goals within their host companies. This case study demonstrates how experiential learning can not only broaden accessibility but also foster a sense of responsibility toward global issues.


Overcoming Geographic Boundaries for Real-world Experience

In a recent conversation with Virtual Internships, Michael True addressed how geographical diversity shapes the opportunities for work-based learning

He indicated that not all institutions enjoy the privilege of being in a target-rich environment. For Botho University which is located in Botswana, connecting students with global settings posed challenges such as permits and labor market issues.  

Through partnerships with Virtual Internships, Botho University can remove the geographical barriers and empower their learners with global real-world experiences. Post-placement, over half the Botho students received internship extensions or placement offers from their host companies

This case dispels the notion that remote locations hinder students from gaining practical insights. It’s proof that physical distance should not be a barrier to meaningful career development


Enhanced Employability for Non-Traditional Community

The remote nature of Virtual Internships has pushed beyond conventional limits to connect diverse communities with employment opportunities.  

In partnership with Kiron, the non-profit EdTech and Deutsche Börse, a global financial services provider, and Virtual Internships to launch a mentoring program tailored for refugees in Germany

This pioneering initiative allows individuals in often remote third-world locations to partake in remote work experiences. This global exposure becomes a pathway for future opportunities and overcoming the hurdles of securing work experience in their current situations


Join Forces to Make Impact With Virtual Internships

The catch-22 of needing experience to secure a job, yet requiring a job to gain experience is a classic dilemma. At Virtual Internships, we believe that experience and opportunities should be accessible to all. 

We partner with career services, universities, and education providers across the globe such as the University of People, Nazareth University, Botho University, Bridgewater State University, Landmark College, etc. These collaborations aim to enhance employability and provide tailored experiential learning programs to prepare emerging professionals for the future of work

Our commitment extends further as we join forces with governments and non-profit organizations, including Skills Development Development, Kiron, etc. The goal is to broaden opportunities for diverse and underrepresented communities.

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