Nazareth University Collaborates with Virtual Internships to Bolster Global Internship Access

ROCHESTER, NY – Nazareth University is partnering with Virtual Internships to further expand global work opportunities for its students. This collaboration will pave the way for students to obtain invaluable international work experience.

Starting this academic year, a select group of Nazareth University students will work with Virtual Internships to secure remote internship opportunities tailored to their specific interests and career aspirations. These internships are made possible through the funding of the Nazareth SPARK Grant, an initiative aimed at supporting student work experience. 

“Virtual Internships offers are a valuable opportunity for students to gain industry-specific, international work experience to help make their resumes stand out,” said Dale Leyburn, Assistant Director of Internships from Nazareth University’s Center for Life’s Work. “We look forward to providing our students with this exciting new pathway for securing internships, significantly enhancing their employability skills post-graduation.”

Virtual Internships has a global network of 13,000+ host companies in 80+ countries spanning a variety of industries. This extensive reach guarantees placement for students regardless of their location or background in their field of interest. Additionally, Virtual Internships provides wrap-around support to ensure students are successful, including career coaching, continuous check-ins, and training for employers on how to structure their internship projects to maximize student outcomes.

"At Virtual Internships, we are committed to expanding access to international work experience for students everywhere," said Daniel Nivern, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtual Internships. "Together with Nazareth University, we're ensuring students have access to career-defining experiences and ensuring they're well-prepared for the global job market."

By partnering with Virtual Internships, Nazareth University is able to guarantee placement for students in remote internships with companies from all over the world. These internships vary in length and often have flexible work schedules, enabling students to complete work on their own time. 1 in 4 interns placed by Virtual Internships are offered further opportunities by their host companies, and 81% agree they are more confident obtaining a future full-time job upon completion.

To be eligible for these internships, Nazareth University students must meet the following criteria:

  • First-time, full-time undergraduate first-year students within 24 months of their start date at Nazareth.
  • First-time, full-time undergraduate transfer students within 12 months of their start date at Nazareth (with an exception of 18 months if they transfer to Nazareth before the end of their first year).
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher when their application is approved. 
  • They should have an ongoing planning process in place with their career coach.
  • Students must also be registered at Nazareth for the semester following their SPARK experience.

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About Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships is the leading internship platform that guarantees internship placements for students worldwide. Through partnerships with universities, governments, and non-profit organizations, Virtual Internships removes the traditional barriers to internships so that students can access relevant career opportunities regardless of their location or background. Virtual Internships has a network of 13,000+ host companies in 18 career fields ensuring every student gains the skills and experience to enter the workforce with confidence. 


About Nazareth University

Nazareth University is an inclusive community of inspired learners, educators, and changemakers who for nearly 100 years have been driven by a bold commitment to action, empathy, equity, and leading innovation for the common good. Impact experiences are at the heart of a Nazareth education, preparing each student to discover within themselves the potential to cultivate positive change in their life's work, in any career field, and in a world that is constantly evolving and infinitely interconnected.

Nazareth University’s broad academic offerings present a range of study options typical of larger universities, yet achieved in a supportive campus culture. Nearly 2,100 undergrad and 600 graduate students enroll in degree and certificate programs and engage in collaborative, transformative learning experiences, preparing for the professions and society of today and tomorrow. In a learning community that purposefully integrates liberal arts and professional programs, Nazareth University graduates are able to launch a lifetime of impactful leadership in communities and workplaces near and far.


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