Hobart and William Smith Colleges Partner to Provide Increased Access to Internship Opportunities

A new alliance with Virtual Internships will provide credit-bearing experiences for Master of Science in Management students.

Geneva, New York - October 31st, 2023 - Hobart and William Smith is expanding internship offerings for graduate students in the Master of Science in Management program. Through a strategic partnership with Virtual Internships, students will have access to valuable internship opportunities at more than 13,000 host companies in over 80 countries, enhancing their academic journey and preparing them for the job market.

The Master of Science in Management program at HWS attracts a diverse group of students with varying levels of work experience and interests. The partnership with Virtual Internships will offer graduate students increased exposure to a wide array of career fields including business, entrepreneurship, green tech, sports management, NGO, logistics, marketing, media, real estate, human resources, and urban planning. The real-world internships are for academic credit and offer flexibility while maintaining their rigorous coursework.

This collaboration is additive to the services already provided by the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional, and Experiential Education. This year, HWS appeared on the Princeton Review’s list of the top 25 “Best Career Services” programs, as well as the list of “Colleges That Create Futures,” which includes 50 schools that “empower students to discover practical applications for their talents and interests through experiences that complement their classes and coursework.” Princeton Review also selected HWS as a Best Value College for the eighth consecutive year.

“This collaboration with Virtual Internships aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing our students with high-quality, hands-on learning experiences,” says Samuel Halfman, graduate programs career coordinator at HWS. “Through this program, our students will have access to internships that not only complement their academic pursuits but also set them on a trajectory for success in their chosen career paths."

Virtual Internships has a global network of host companies spanning various industries. This extensive reach guarantees placement for students regardless of their location or background in their field of interest. Additionally, Virtual Internships provide coaching, continuous check-ins, and training for employers on structuring their internship projects to maximize student outcomes.

"We are honored to partner with Hobart and William Smith Colleges to offer their students a unique and enriching internship experience. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to preparing students for success in today's competitive job market," says Virtual Internships CEO, Daniel Nivern.

The Virtual Internships program requires students to commit to 10 hours per week over 16 weeks, allowing them to manage their internship alongside their residential program. One in four interns placed by Virtual Internships are offered further opportunities by their host companies, and 81% agree they are more confident obtaining a future full-time job upon completion.

Current undergraduate students interested in the Master of Science in Management program and learning more about how the Salisbury Center and partnerships like this should reach out to Tom Drennen or Samuel Halfman.

For more information about how Virtual Internships partners with universities to expand access to internship opportunities, visit www.virtualinternships.com/universities.


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Virtual Internships is the leading internship platform that guarantees internship placements for students worldwide. Through partnerships with universities, governments, and non-profit organizations, Virtual Internships removes the traditional barriers to internships so that students can access relevant career opportunities regardless of their location or background. Virtual Internships has a network of 13,000+ host companies in 18 career fields ensuring every student gains the skills and experience to enter the workforce with confidence. 


About Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Hobart and William Smith Colleges, located in Geneva, New York, are closely affiliated liberal arts institutions. Founded in the early 19th century, they offer a collaborative education emphasizing critical thinking and global engagement. Hobart is historically male, while William Smith is its sister college for women. Together, they form a vibrant, inclusive community committed to academic excellence, with a strong emphasis on experiential learning, community service, and a diverse range of majors and programs.


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