University of Cumbria Partners with Virtual Internships to Deliver Career-Boosting Internship Opportunities to Students

Cumbria, UK – 22nd January 2024 – In an innovative step to bridge the gap between education and the workforce, University of Cumbria is announcing its partnership with Virtual Internships to deliver career-boosting global internship opportunities to a select pilot cohort of undergraduate students. 

Having relevant industry experience is a must for new graduates, and the programme, commencing in May 2024, opens the door to Virtual Internships’ global network of 15,000+ host companies in 80+ countries spanning a variety of industries. This extensive reach guarantees placement for students regardless of their location or background in their field of interest. 

"In an ever-changing global job market, we recognise the value of providing our students with career-enhancing development opportunities,” said University of Cumbria’s Director of Student Services, Emma Bales. “These internships are designed to help students widen their horizons, give them a taste of working in a different culture without leaving their homes, and develop work-ready skills to smooth their transition into graduate roles. We are particularly enthusiastic that because they are online, the internships can fit around our students' busy lives."

University of Cumbria undergraduate students will be matched with an organisation based on their career interests and goals for a remote internship lasting 120 hours. All the project work will take place remotely allowing students to build key soft skills essential for the future of work. Additionally, Virtual Internships provides wrap-around support to ensure students are successful including career coaching, continuous check-ins, and training for employers on how to structure their internship projects to maximise student outcomes.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with University of Cumbria in empowering students with transformative global internship experiences,” stated Daniel Nivern, CEO of Virtual Internships. “This partnership signifies our joint commitment to preparing the next generation for success in the dynamic global job market. Virtual Internships looks forward to guiding and supporting University of Cumbria students as they gain invaluable skills, broaden their horizons, and embark on a path to career excellence." 

By partnering with Virtual Internships, University of Cumbria is able to guarantee placement for students in remote internships with companies from all over the world. 1 in 4 interns placed by Virtual Internships are offered further opportunities by their host companies, and 81% agree they are more confident obtaining a future full-time job upon completion.

The programme is designed to contribute to the University of Cumbria's position as one of the top post-92 universities in the UK for graduate outcomes. Students who are interested in learning more about how to secure a spot in the university’s placement programme with Virtual Internships can contact the Career Services department.

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About Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships is the leading internship platform that guarantees internship placements for students worldwide. Through partnerships with universities, governments, and non-profit organisations, Virtual Internships removes the traditional barriers to internships so that students can access relevant career opportunities regardless of their location or background. Virtual Internships has a network of 15,000+ host companies in 18 career fields ensuring every student gains the skills and experience to enter the workforce with confidence. 


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