Talking Climate Action at APAIE 2023

Over the course of the past five years working with global educational and university partners spanning 25 countries, we’ve gained exposure to the challenges faced by educational institutions surrounding international experiential learning. Whilst Covid-19 catapulted the industry into actively finding solutions to accessing international experiences in alternative ways, it’s clear that this new dynamic is here to stay.

Heading to APAIE? Catch Us at Our Joint Event on Climate Action

Several of the Virtual Internships team are heading to APAIE in Bangkok from 13-17th March 2023 to join educators from around the world coming together to share best practices and learn more about the innovative ways in which Asia Pacific universities are partnering across the region and with the world.

Talking to facing these challenges head-on, Adam Dimitroff, Head of Partnerships for Australia & New Zealand at Virtual Internships, is heading up a speaker event with Ailsa Lamont, Director at Pomegranate Global, and Ainslie Moore, Director International at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, to discuss the future sustainability of international education across one of the most diverse and dynamic regions of the world.

The Details – Climate Action Virtual Internships: Perspectives, Impacts, and Successes

Where: APAIE Bangkok
When: Tuesday 14th March, 1.45-2.45pm – 110B

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Global citizenship, climate action literacy, and employability – these outcomes lie at the core of an innovative, new Virtual Internship program that highlights our need to radically and immediately reverse course on emissions to avert catastrophic climate change.

In a unique, active collaboration, Virtual Internships and Pomegranate Global have partnered to create and deliver ‘Climate Action Virtual Internships’, a fully remote experiential learning program that focuses on critical and sustainable climate action.

This session delves into how this new partnership and the CAVI program itself have challenged and empowered both students and host companies across the Asia-Pacific region to work together to take impactful climate action. It will highlight various insights and perspectives from stakeholders on the development of new skills, acquisition of expert knowledge, and sharing of best practices to help organizations across key industries significantly improve environmental performance and adaptability to climate change.

Our presenters will provide comprehensive impact analysis and evaluation, including which climate solutions and deliverables have had the maximum impact for APAC host organizations seeking to reduce their own carbon footprint, and how student participants and companies have come together virtually for mutual benefit and to act as advocates and agents for sustainable development change.

What You Can Expect from ‘Climate Action Virtual Internships’

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of how virtual climate action can be used as an impactful platform for experiential learning and intercultural exchange, free of access restrictions
  • Insights into the actions businesses across the Asia-Pacific region have taken to operate in a more environmentally sustainable way as a result of the program
  • Understanding of positive stakeholder response and benefits of experiential international learning, business impacts and sustainable climate action


Connect With Us at APAIE

For those with key priorities and initiatives focussed around global mobility, study abroad, and careers and employability, or event those keen to make learning abroad more environmentally sustainable and to offer sustainability-themed programming to students, this speaker event will be of particular interest.

Find out more about the event here.

If you’re going to be at APAIE and would like to connect with the Virtual Internships team to learn more about how remote internships are providing zero carbon and positive impact learning opportunities with multiple institutions already, book some time in with us here.

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