Join Us At EduTech 2022 International Schools Summit

High school internships designed for students aged 14-18, enable young people to stand out in their future university/college and job applications. Our program enables students to be more prepared for their choices in higher education as well as their future careers by gaining clarity on their degree, university choice, and dream career.


Virtual Internships Talking High School Internship Programs at EduTech 2022

At Virtual Internships, we look forward to attending events like the upcoming all-remote EduTech International Schools Summit on April 27-28th 2022 to share input on our vision of providing career-integrated learning and embedded internships within the school curriculum to better prepare students with the skills required for the future of work, and critically to make the right university and career decisions for their future. This year’s summit focuses on strategy, technology, and marketing for international schools.

EduTech delivers a range of insightful online summits throughout the year that have been invaluable to all members of the education sector, particularly during the last two years when we have been forced to take a reactive approach to the use of technology.

The conference brings together innovative EdTech providers with international school leaders to discuss technology solutions that optimize business development and student experience. It is a truly exciting event, and energizing to see some of the impactful solutions providers are delivering around the world to modernize the way schools recruit, educate, and prepare students for life beyond the classroom.


Key Panel Talks at EduTech 2022

We are particularly interested in the panel discussion: ‘How technology will continue to shape education delivery and interested to hear insights on the future,’ from key figures in the industry, including international school powerhouse, Nord Anglia Education, and Evolve online school. The session will center around the personalized, meaningful, and considered use of technology as a complementary tool to classroom experiences. 

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