Talking Accessibility Through Remote Internships at SPARK Ignite 2022

Virtual Internships began working with refugees in 2019. Since then, we have worked with a multitude of minority groups from various regions of the world; and now we find ourselves attending Spark Ignite 2022 on September 13th 2022 in Amsterdam to discuss more on this very relevant topic.

Refugees are an audience that can hugely benefit from access to remote work experience due to the many barriers they face in their career journey.

  • It can help to localize a CV in a quick and targeted way
  • It is less likely to be disrupted if the participant has to relocate at short notice
  • Geographic or bureaucratic barriers such as visas are reduced or removed
  • Refugees are regularly under-employed –their skills and expertise are under-utilized– internships are a way to prove and articulate existing skills to employers higher up the ladder.


Creating Opportunities For Refugees Through Remote Internships

This year, we celebrated the nomination of Jihan Alassad at The PIE awards, and also the completion of refugee programming with Deutsche Bourse, British Telecom, and Kiron (our largest of these programs had a 51% post-program employability rate!).


Join the Conversation at SPARK Ignite 2022

We look forward to the SPARK Ignite conference, where the next steps for these programs and more will be discussed under the hyper-relevant heading “Reimagine Jobs” – bringing together stakeholders from across the world’s most fragile regions to discuss how the most vulnerable people can stay included in the global economy.

To book a meeting with us at the event or virtually, complete the form below.

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