Elevate Your Organization to New Heights With Our New Corporate Programs

2022 is the year to engage, evolve and elevate your organization with the launch of our new corporate programs designed to switch up traditional methods of talent acquisition and employee development through digital innovation and remote work opportunities.


Corporate Partnerships Tailored to Your Organization’s Needs

Businesses all around the world are starting to understand the power that they have in changing the prospects and employment landscape for millions of talented young people around the world, who have never previously been given the opportunity to shine. 

However, the struggles these businesses face when trying to implement new strategies to fight global inequality whilst also maintaining all of the other projects, under the pressures of COVID-19 and global inflation, are evident.

That’s why after many successful pilot programs with organizations such as BT, Deutsche Boerse, and many more, we have created three easy-to-implement, easy-to-scale corporate programs that can be delivered to you by our expert team. These programs are blended to fit directly into your existing recruitment, talent, diversity and inclusion, and corporate social responsibility strategies, and are also aligned to the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


Three Core Programs For Corporates

We have three key programs designed with corporates in mind, that can deliver fast, high-quality results – whilst also increasing responsible business practices throughout your organization.

Engage by VI – Tap Into an International Pipeline of Diverse Talent 

Finding the right talent can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful, especially for start-ups and SMEs looking to scale their business growth. Our Engage program is designed to support businesses in your ecosystem to reach untapped diverse talent around the world, amplifying their businesses to strengthen yours.

The Engage program includes:

  • An international pipeline of diverse talent around the world
  • Our award-winning, online employability training program for talent preparing to enter your ecosystem
  • Career coaching from our team of highly-skilled international coaches
  • A delivery team ready to support companies you work with to source the right candidates
  • One to four-month work experience opportunities covering 18 different career fields
  • Full support throughout the program for both talent and host companies
  • Access to our award-winning online platform that includes remote work training, access to our network of over 10,000+ like-minded companies, networking opportunities, and so much more!

Evolve by VI – Upskill Your Employees Through Our Evolve Program for Corporates!

In an ever-changing digital world, it can be a challenge to ensure all of your employees are prepared and ready for the future of work. As the workplace evolves, it’s important to ensure that your employees are evolving too. 

Our Evolve program is designed to work with you, blending into existing workplace programs, to develop your employees’ skill sets. The program prepares them to upskill or reskill into new areas of your organization, saving you both time and money.

The Evolve program includes:

  • Our award-winning online training program for your employees to develop skills relevant to your business needs
  • Career coaching from our team of highly skilled international coaches
  • The option of work experience opportunities from one to four months to ensure your employees are confident and ready to take on any new challenges
  • Full support from our delivery team, working with you to develop program ideation and implement program execution
  • Flexibility on program inclusions, so that you can add in your own sessions that focus on your brand and your story

Elevate by VI – CSR Matters. Diversity Matters. 

There are millions of talented young people across the globe just waiting for the door to open on an opportunity that can change their lives. Businesses like yours have the power to do just that. 

Through our Elevate program, we work with foundation partners to create opportunities for diverse under-represented talent to access career development training and work experience, elevating them to their full potential!

Elevate by VI, can support you in exceeding your CSR objectives, whilst creating a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent – helping you to both be great, and do great.

The Elevate program includes:

  • Sponsorship of under-represented talent to boost their employability skills through our award-winning online program
  • Access to diverse talent pipelines from various groups, including refugees, neuro-diverse candidates, talent with disabilities, women returners, and many more marginalized groups through our incredible foundation partners
  • Career coaching from our team of highly skilled international coaches
  • One to four-month work experience opportunities in your organization, supporting diverse talent to flourish with you
  • Full support from our delivery team, working with you to develop program ideation and implement program execution
  • A blended program designed for your organization, ensuring we work with you towards your CSR and diversity objectives, including any specific UN SDGs
  • Flexibility on program inclusions, so that you can add in your own sessions that focus on your brand and your story


Success Stories From Our New Corporate Programs

It has been great to reflect on the successes of our corporate programs in supporting underrepresented groups in the workplace over the last 12 months, and the confidence and skills these programs have given to our participants. 

Our women returners; our neurodiverse candidates; upskilling and reskilling hundreds of employees into new workplace positions; helping hundreds of long-term unemployed candidates into first-time employment and supporting 60+ displaced refugees into new opportunities: FY2021/2022 was an incredible year for Virtual Internships. For that, we give huge thanks to our amazing corporate, foundation, and government partners for the support in achieving these milestones and for the impact created worldwide. 

Virtual Working Really Can Become a Lifeline for Individuals Who Are So Often Left Behind!

One of our incredible Syrian refugee participants, Eihab Ballor, summed up his experience with Virtual Internships. His words have made our team so proud of the work we do – showing why it is so important now more than ever to bring onboard more corporate partners to support more participants just like Eihab over the next 12 months and beyond. 

“The internship program has given me the opportunity to be a part of our global working community, and to be honest, without this internship it could have taken me years, and a lot of missed opportunities, to learn what I did in only two months with Virtual Internships… You are a huge part of my journey, to be honest with you, you are a once in a lifetime opportunity for me – thank you so much!”
– Eihab Ballor


Corporate Partnerships in 2022 and Beyond – Get Involved!

We believe this year is going to be the biggest yet for Virtual Internships, and for thousands more diverse and talented young professionals around the world. We would love for many more organizations to come on board and work with us to create much-needed opportunities for more talent to shine. Being great and doing great do not need to be mutually exclusive. 

This is the year to engage, evolve and elevate your organization to new heights.

Find out more about our corporate programs and apply for a free consultation call with our corporate strategy team here.

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