4 Smart Tips for Entering the Professional World – Our Guide

As a student diligently completing the required years of study, you may have only imagined what the “real world” out there was from others’ stories. You can only think about what it’s like to work instead of study or to talk to bosses and managers instead of teachers.

As you near your internship or are about to enter the job market, this uncertainty of the world waiting out there may make you uneasy. If you are having all of these worries, don’t feel bad! It’s natural to be anxious since you are starting a particularly major part of your life that you want to succeed in.

To help you transition from your school environment to the professional world, here are some smart tips worth following: 


Update Your CV and LinkedIn Profile 

Whether you are an intern or a fresh graduate, updating your professional profiles as soon as possible will help you ease your transition. Some of the things you particularly need to work on are your resume and references, as well as your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that all of these reflect your most recent educational attainment and work-related experience. 

When crafting your CV and LinkedIn profile, make sure to highlight your key skills and advertise the details which are relevant to the career you want to pursue. 


Build Your Skills 

Before anything else, you should know that there are two broad classifications of skills: hard skills and soft skills. 

The former refers to teachable and measurable abilities as well as technical knowledge. Some examples of hard skills are computer programming, accounting, writing, social media marketing, and so on. 

On the other hand, the latter refers to those traits that are personality-driven. Unlike hard skills, they are learned and honed through experience and not through education or training. Some soft skills are flexibility, punctuality, communication skills, and industriousness. 

Having both of these skills will make you more attractive to companies and potential employers. 


Ask For Help 

It’s natural for you to not know about how things go in the professional world—after all, you haven’t been there! 

Considering this, don’t be afraid or shy to reach out to adults you trust for advice and assistance. They will be more than glad to share with you their experiences and guide you through your first days or weeks as a young professional. 


Practice Self-Organization 

At school, you mostly had everything defined for you. Whether it’s the topics you have to learn for the next semester or the deadlines you have to meet, they are prepared in advance for you. All you had to do was attend your classes and submit the requirements. 

You will see that in the professional world, what you will do is up to you. This may seem like a great thing for others, but this may make you feel lost at times. 

For this reason, you need to practice self-organization. Keep track of the roles you’ve applied for, stay on top of your weekly tasks, and create your own schedule. Whether you’re a student balancing your internship with your studies or a young professional entering your first work, establishing this habit will shape you to become a productive and highly efficient individual. 



Entering the professional world as an intern or as a young professional is no easy task. After all, you are setting foot into an arena that is different from the school environment you grew up in. The best way to go around your worries and do your best in this chapter is to prepare yourself. Follow the four tips mentioned above and you’ll certainly be able to get started on the right track! 

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