How to Start a Career in Tech with Expert Priyadeep Sinha

If you’re looking to learn all about industry avenues in the modern technology space and how to start a career in tech, then don’t miss out on this expert webinar from Priyadeep Sinha!

Career opportunities in the tech industry across product, design, engineering, and growth have cropped up massively over the last decade. But, how do you begin to build a career in these particular fields? What skills, capabilities, and mindsets are critical to success as individual contributors as well as leaders in the tech realm? 

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

1. The Growth of the Tech Industry

A glimpse into the growth of the tech industry over the past two decades.

2. Top Syntax for Modern Technology Roles

Learn all about common syntax surrounding modern technology roles.

3. Different Roles in the Modern Tech Space

Delve into and learn more about the different roles on offer in the modern tech space, including:

  1. Engineers
  2. UI/UX Designers
  3. Analysts/Scientists
  4. Acquisition Specialists
  5. Product Marketing Specialists
  6. Product Managers
  7. Growth Managers

4. The Right Mindset for Success

Discover the right mindset for success within the modern tech space.

5. Tech Avenue Explorations: Specialist vs Generalist

Learn all about the different avenues you can take in the tech industry, specifically with regard to specialism and generalism.


Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Speaker

Priyadeep Sinha (PD) is the Global Head of Product at Virtual Internships. Prior to his role at Virtual Internships, PD was CPO at one of India’s largest skilling and staffing companies and VP at a collective impact non-profit for small businesses. 

PD started his career as the Founder & CEO of Kidovators (delivering 21st-century skills through a learning platform to over 140k students and 10k educators) and has over the years become extremely successful in the modern technology space, assisting companies and speaking at events, such as TEDx.


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