How to Become a Great Leader – Employment Expert Tips


If you want to learn how to establish your leadership profile, then tune into this expert webinar by Mirta Aguirre, Virtual Internships’ Head of Employment!

Creating a leadership profile takes time, so the best moment to start building it is now! Being able to stand out and showcase your leadership potential requires a series of skills and attitudes that you can and will develop over time. 

What skills contribute toward a successful leadership profile, and how can you start establishing yours now?

Tune in to this expert webinar to find out!


What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

1. What Is a Leader?

An introduction to leadership and the qualities that define a successful leader.

2. An Introduction to Mirta Aguirre

A background on Mirta Aguirre and her journey in leadership within education and coaching.

3. How to Create a Leadership Profile

A deep dive into the important qualities and skills required to build a successful leadership profile, including:

  1. Gathering and Identifying Achievements and Projects
  2. Working in Teams, Being Proactive and Reliable
  3. Practicing and Improving Communication Skills
  4. Volunteering
  5. Learning Foreign Languages
  6. Nurturing Networks
  7. Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills
  8. Reflection
  9. Daring to Go for More
  10. Being Ready for the Next Steps


Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Speaker

Mirta Aguirre is the Head of Employability at Virtual Internships and an expert in mentoring people, especially recent graduates, to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. 

Mirta has an extensive leadership record: she has established an international career in the areas of education and coaching, has won multiple scholarships, and she has become an expert in connecting people worldwide.

Understanding the tools needed to create and build an impressive leadership profile, Mirta Aguirre is a speaker that you won’t want to miss!


Check Out This Expert Webinar

If you’re keen to set up your own leadership profile and start showcasing your abilities, tune into Mirta Aguirre’s expert webinar here!

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