How to Manage Upwards Regardless of Your Level

In every professional journey, regardless of your position or level of expertise, there is always someone you report to—a boss, a superior, or a manager. Effectively managing your relationship with your superiors is a crucial skill that can shape your career trajectory. Jason Kan, Chief Operations Officer of Virtual Internships, provides two impactful tips that can transform your relationship with your manager, leading to enhanced collaboration, better alignment, and increased job satisfaction.

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Create a "Working-With-Me" Document

Drawing inspiration from Silicon Valley, Jason Kan introduces the concept of a "Working-With-Me" document—a personal operating manual that provides your manager with a comprehensive understanding of who you are. This document outlines your motivations, demotivations, strengths, weaknesses, and even your goals. By sharing this document with your manager, you facilitate open communication and enable them to tailor their management approach accordingly. This innovative technique not only fosters a deeper understanding of your professional identity but also empowers your manager to effectively leverage your skills and motivations

Craft an End-of-Week Email

Another powerful technique is to create a concise end-of-week email for your manager. This email can follow the structure of the three P's: progress, plans, and problems. In the progress section, highlight

the tasks or projects you have made significant headway on during the week. Next, outline your plans for the upcoming week, providing your manager with insight into your intended focus. Lastly, address any challenges or issues you encountered during the week. This practice demonstrates your proactive approach to reflection, improvement, and transparency. It not only showcases your dedication to self-assessment but also gives your manager visibility into your current activities and potential areas where support may be needed.


Mastering Upward Management in a Remote Work Environment

Mastering the art of managing upwards is a vital skill that can significantly impact your professional growth and success. By implementing Jason Kan's expert strategies, you position yourself as a proactive and valuable team member, poised for growth, recognition, and continuous professional development.

Virtual internships offer valuable experience and the chance to work with global professionals, further refining your ability to manage upward and succeed in a remote work environment.

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