Why All GenZ Should Consider Digital Nomadism

The classic 9-5 lifestyle is going out of fashion. With working from home becoming more popular, many millennials and GenZ entering the workforce have asked the question: “why should 9-5’s be the norm?” 

And that’s where digital nomadism comes in. The opportunity to work wherever you want, all while massively improving your work/life balance, is a dream for workers everywhere. It also perfectly suits the ideas of many GenZ entering the workforce. 

But why else should GenZ consider digital nomadism? This is an important question, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of it below.


Digital Nomadism and GenZ: The Perfect Match

Digital nomadism is getting more and more popular nowadays, with over 1 billion of them predicted to be in the workforce by 2035. And it’s no surprise with freelancers and those working from home growing every year. 

At the moment, digital nomad company positions are generally geared towards developers/programmers and other computer science fields. Consultants are also a popular position for digital nomads, as are those who provide content creation and design services. 

Finance and accounting is also slowly growing profession in the digital nomad world, as is education and training. 

With the number of digital nomads growing bigger by the day and more and more job types having the capabilities to be carried out in a digital nomad environment, we will likely see these positions massively increase in popularity in the coming years, as well as many more gaining traction. 

But you’re not here for this, so what really makes digital nomadism a perfect match for GenZ entering the workforce?


Increased Independence

The ability to have your own independence is something that all of us crave. And as a digital nomad, you can do this. No more being tied to a specific location just to go to a boring office every day. With digital nomadism, you can have the freedom to work anywhere you want at the drop of a hat. Well, at least the places that are in your budget and give you the option to live there for a while. 

Want to work on your project with the pyramids of Cairo as your backdrop? Done. What about the Colosseum of Rome? Wherever you want to work, you can do it by becoming a digital nomad, visiting all these lovely places on your time off. Where’s the negative in that? 


Experience New Countries and Communities 

One of the biggest benefits of digital nomadism is the ability to work in locations around the world that appeal to you. From talking and meeting fascinating new people to celebrating globalization and diversity, you can live a lifestyle that is exactly in line with your views. Or you could even step outside your comfort zone to gain a better understanding of cultures you don’t completely understand. 

Celebrating Globalization and Diversity

As you’re probably aware, GenZ is the most diverse and globalized generation. This is all thanks to the internet being available from a young age. So being able to work in different places in the world and experience diverse cultures and hear new ideas from these intriguing people would be something that is longed for by many. You can also pick up some new ways of thinking along the way that will benefit your career. 

This type of lifestyle is so much more than spending a couple of weeks on vacation in an exotic place. Instead, you truly get an insight into how others live and have the ability to share stories that bridge the gap between cultures. 

Talking to New People

Talking and making friends with interesting new people is one of the best things that life can offer. However, talking and making friends with people from different countries that have entirely different viewpoints of the world makes things all the more interesting. You’ll be able to do things that are unique to their culture, giving you a fresh outlook on life and being able to say you experienced things that none of your friends have done when you go back home. 


Help Protect the Planet

Saving the planet has been at the top of the GenZ agenda since the beginning. And with its imminent threat, it’s easy to see why. But how can working in a digital nomad company help that? 

One of the biggest advantages that the digital nomad lifestyle will provide to the environment is not needing to commute every day. As you will be working from home, you will drastically reduce emissions than if you were commuting to a 9-5 office job.  

There is also evidence to suggest that workers are, in general less environmentally friendly when working in the office, such as providing more of a waste footprint than they would at home, for example. 


Greater Work/Life Balance

One that we would all like to experience is a greater work/life balance. Digital nomadism takes away the need for a commute, allowing you to have that extra few hours of beauty sleep before getting to work. And that’s not all. When the work day ends, you can spend your leisure time relaxing on beaches, visiting new places, and doing anything else you want, using your time to great use. 

If you want to improve your work/life balance by becoming a digital nomad, we can help you achieve this with our GenZ internships. Thanks to our Virtual Internships partner scheme, we can pair you with a digital nomad company that will offer you a fantastic work/life balance along with all the other great advantages. 


Increased Productivity In a Creative Environment

Although these other benefits show how great digital nomadism is for GenZ, one of the best that we haven’t listed yet is productivity. 

There will be none of the usual workplace distractions, such as the long and painful commute, people pestering you about their weekend, or asking you to make coffee. This means that you’ll be able to work during the hours where you are most productive, making your work-time much more efficient than it can be in a simple 9-5 office job. 

In fact, 80% found that when they changed from an office-based job to an online one, they were able to massively increase their productivity and work-life balance. 


How Virtual Internships Can Help

So, what do you think? Do you want to get started and become a digital nomad? 

At Virtual Internships, we guarantee students and graduates internship placements in their desired career field with innovative companies all over the world. With thousands of pre-screened host companies in over 150 countries, our remote internship programs have helped over 6,000 alumni gain the edge over the competition. It’s never been so easy for you to become a digital nomad, get started today. 

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