How To Attract And Retain GenZ Digital Nomads

GenZ is becoming highly desirable in the job market as time goes on. In 2025 they will make up 27% of the workforce. However, that’s not their only appeal; the new generation of well-educated and highly ethical young adults has a lot to offer, especially by providing great insight into how their own generation thinks and behaves. 

That means businesses, like yours, need to understand GenZ’s approach to work. If not, the value they can provide your business will stay untapped, allowing other companies to reap the benefits.

Genz’s Paradigm Shift To Working

Unlike other generations, GenZ is the first generation where all ages have had access to the internet. Certain staples in our lives are non-existent to them. Ask them what a floppy disk is, and you’re sure to get a confused expression!

All of this means that there are clear differences between how they act and think compared to past generations. This is mainly because GenZ is classified as the first “global generation.” Their access to vast amounts of information around the globe has helped shape their view of the world and how they want to operate in it.

One of the biggest differences is GenZ’s work environment preference. In the UK, a recent study found that 61% of workers between the ages of 16 and 24 wanted some element of remote working to continue permanently. Therefore, it makes complete sense that the number of people with a digital nomad lifestyle continues to rise.

So that leaves the question: how do you appeal to the new digital generation and keep them happy while working for you?

Implementing Best Practices To Entice Zoomers

GenZ is the most diverse and educated generation, with significantly more GenZs enrolling in college than millennials at the same age. Because of this, there are many benefits to hiring GenZ, from fresh new ideas to a more efficient way of working and getting things done. They are, to put it simply, the generation of the future. 

To appeal to this generation, there are several best practices you need to be aware of, from providing a good GenZ work-life balance to cultural inclusivity. Let’s get into them below.

Ideal Work Environment

GenZ is just entering the workplace, and already they have a few ideas for how they would prefer to work. One of these is their ideal work environment. Working in an environment that is comfortable and they enjoy being in has been shown to massively increase productivity

As a result, many GenZs are opting for a digital nomad lifestyle. They can choose the location that best suits them while still adding great value to your business. What’s more, they have more control over their schedules, working when they are the most productive while also reducing time-wasting activities (long commutes, etc.)

To attract the most talented and brightest candidates, your business will need to introduce this type of remote workstyle. 

Transparent Hiring Process

Another best practice to consider is creating a transparent hiring process. Candidates will want to ensure that the job description is accurate, that they are being fairly treated, and that quality feedback is received (whether they get the job or not). So make sure to stay away from terminology like “competitive salary.” Let them know the truth.    

It’s no secret that there’s a current global talent shortage. By providing clear communication to candidates when going through the job process, along with a short but effective hiring process, you are more likely to receive a reputation amongst GenZs.

Before long, they will be able to fill up your positions with a refreshing and productive approach to work.  

Cultural Inclusivity

One of the stand-out things that set GenZ apart from the rest is their cultural inclusivity. They were born with the internet, so it stands to reason that they would have a more global outlook on the world and be more sensitive to different cultures.

Because of all this, companies should create inclusive workplace environments to encourage more of GenZ to join their company and be excited to work there. A good example of this is creating diversity programs to support staff from different backgrounds.

Keeping Retention Rates High

“The Great Resignation” is a word synonymous with GenZ and Millenials and is the economic trend starting in 2021 of employees leaving their jobs in favor of seeking better working conditions and career progression. 

GenZ values a good work environment and career progression over a high salary more than every other generation. So, if this isn’t provided, they are likely to run off to a different job at the first chance they get. 

With that in mind, now that we’ve explained how to entice more of GenZ to join your company, let’s talk about how to keep your retention rates high. 

Continuous Support

Many employees often feel that they are stagnating at a job if they aren’t receiving the proper training and support they need. They want to be reassured that they are doing the job well in order to have the opportunity to progress in their career. 

There are many ways that businesses can adapt to GenZ digital nomads by providing support. One is to ensure that managers look after their employees and provide them with feedback or advice whenever necessary to ensure they are happy and on the right track in their professional development. 

Another type of support that GenZ looks for when staying at a company is mental health support. A culture of well-being, with empathetic leadership and awareness of mental health issues, is vital. By providing policies that reflect this, you will go the extra mile in providing GenZ employees with the support they need, especially if they’re feeling isolated while traveling. 

Career Progression Opportunities

A recent study found that career progression is the most important factor in fostering a happy work environment and increasing job retention. By utilizing techniques such as training and upskilling development, you will give your employees the skills and knowledge to be able to take on these more important roles as they climb the ladder of career progression in your company, enjoying the ride the whole time. 

The Easy Way to Hire Your Next GenZ Superstar 

To attract and retain more GenZ employees, you must cater to their needs and wishes, providing flexibility, support, career progression, and a great working environment. 

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