A Remote Internship that Opened Doors to the British Government

According to a Lumina Foundation study, 83% of students believe that digital and online work experiences are essential to their future career success, indicating the growing importance of remote work skills in the modern job market. While the hands-on experience is soon recognized by students to be an important part of preparing students for the future of work, many of their internships got canceled due to the restrictions of the global pandemic. 

Here, we'll delve into Chloe, a student from the University of Westminster, her first internship experience through Virtual Internships, and how this experience empowered her for a career in the British Government.


Chloe's Experience With Virtual Internships

The Internship Opened Doors to a Global Perspective

The two-year pandemic restriction not only disrupted her studies but also limited opportunities for traditional internships. However, like other students, Chloe soon recognized the importance of practical experience in her future career. With the help of her university, she found herself a chance to step into professional settings through a collaborative experiential learning program between Virtual Internships and the University of Westminster. Moreover, with the flexibility of the online format, she managed to work around the opportunity with her studies.

The Value of Webinars in Enriching the Internship Experience

One aspect that stood out for her throughout the experiential learning experience was the weekly webinars. Instead of focusing solely on the practical aspects of her placement, Chloe had the opportunity to set aside time each week to expand her knowledge and skills through coaching sessions and career webinars with industry experts. This approach to learning not only adds value to her experience but also sets her on a path to becoming a well-rounded professional.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Skill Development

One significant takeaway for Chloe was the development of her independence and time management skills during her Virtual Internships experience. Working remotely from home, Chloe was responsible for meeting specific deadlines and managing her tasks efficiently. This experience pushed her to become more self-reliant in her approach to work. While the company was always available for guidance and support, Chloe noticed that she became more confident and relied less on their assistance as the program progressed.

“This internship has given me the chance to gain the work experience I lacked, as well as improve my skills: from communication to teamwork. I now feel much more confident in my abilities as well as working online, and have decided that I would like to continue doing more internships in the future.”

The development of confidence and other interpersonal skills proved to be a pivotal aspect of the work-integrated learning program. These skills are indispensable in any career, allowing professionals to thrive and exceed expectations.

Forging a Path Forward with Confidence

Chloe's journey with Virtual Internships did not end with the program; instead, it was a stepping stone toward her future aspirations. Currently in her fourth and final year at the University of Westminster, Chloe is on the path to pursuing a postgraduate degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. Her goal is to participate in the two-year Diplomatic Internship program with the British Government's Foreign Office.

Virtual Internships experience not only improved her resume but also fine-tuned her skills for her future career. It opened doors to more opportunities and provided her with a strong foundation for her ongoing academic and professional journey.


Pioneering Experiential Learning with Virtual Internships

At Virtual Internships, we are at the forefront of pioneering experiential learning at scale. Our innovative platform opens doors to real global opportunities, offering emerging professionals career readiness competencies for future success. 

We go beyond mere placements; we provide holistic training and support, ensuring students are equipped with the skills and mindset to thrive in the evolving job market. Through our webinars, led by certified career experts, and personalized coaching calls, students like Chloe not only gain real-world experience but also prepare for their future careers with valuable insights and skills. Partnering with us to transform the education landscape and empower students for future professions.

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