Bard College at Simon’s Rock Partner to Forge Paths to Global Careers with Virtual Internships

Massachusetts, United States – December 19th, 2023 – In a forward-thinking effort to boost employability for graduates, the Bard College at Simon’s Rock Provost Office is announcing its partnership with Virtual Internships to offer remote internships to undergraduate students. 

Launching in Spring 2024, the pilot program is open to a select cohort of upperclassmen. The students will gain academic credit for completing the remote internship; 3 out of 4 universities partnered with Virtual Internships choose to offer academic credit. 

"In today's dynamic global landscape, our partnership with Virtual Internships is a vital step, ensuring students gain skills and broaden perspectives through remote internships worldwide,” said John Weinstein, Provost and Vice President of Bard College at Simon’s Rock. “This collaboration aligns seamlessly with our commitment to preparing students for success in a dynamic job market."

Virtual Internships has a global network of 14,000+ host companies in 80+ countries spanning a variety of industries. This extensive reach guarantees placement for students regardless of their location or background in their field of interest. Additionally, Virtual Internships provides wrap-around support to ensure students are successful including career coaching, continuous check-ins, and training for employers on how to structure their internship projects to maximize student outcomes.

"At Virtual Internships, we break down barriers, providing students access to diverse professional opportunities,” shared Daniel Nivern, CEO of Virtual Internships. “Our partnership with Bard College at Simon’s Rock fosters experiential learning, offering remote internships with our global network. We're excited to empower Bard College at Simon’s Rock students through immersive virtual internships, laying the foundation for successful careers."

By partnering with Virtual Internships, Bard College at Simon’s Rock is able to guarantee placement for students in remote internships with companies from all over the world. These internships vary in length and often have flexible work schedules, enabling students to complete work on their own time. 1 in 4 interns placed by Virtual Internships are offered further opportunities by their host companies, and 81% agree they are more confident obtaining a future full-time job upon completion.

Through this innovative step, Bard College at Simon’s Rock hopes to improve the career and professional development opportunities for its students, eventually opening the program up to a wider cohort to increase access to employability opportunities for more students. 

Students who are interested in learning more about how to secure a spot in the college’s placement program with Virtual Internships can reach out to the Associate Dean of Studies at the Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

For more information about how Virtual Internships partners with universities to expand access to internship opportunities, visit


About Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships is the leading internship platform that guarantees internship placements for students worldwide. Through partnerships with universities, governments, and non-profit organizations, Virtual Internships removes the traditional barriers to internships so that students can access relevant career opportunities regardless of their location or background. Virtual Internships has a network of 13,000+ host companies in 18 career fields ensuring every student gains the skills and experience to enter the workforce with confidence. 


About Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Bard College at Simon’s Rock is the only 4-year college in the country specifically designed for students ready to enter college after the 10th or 11th grade and begin working on their Bachelor’s Degree two years early. Simon’s Rock offers a curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences, taught by supportive, highly trained faculty, who are leading scholars in their field. The College grants degrees in more than 35 majors. Simon’s Rock is tied for No. 2 for Most Innovative School and tied No. 1 for Best Undergraduate Teaching by U.S. News and World Report (2023-2024), and The Princeton Review ranked Simon’s Rock among the Best Colleges in the Northeast. Simon’s Rock was named a Fulbright Top Producing Institution for U.S. Scholars for the 2022-23 Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program. 


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