3 Simple Ways You Can Stand Out During a Remote Internship

If you’re a recent graduate or a college student, the coronavirus has undoubtedly affected your work prospects and schooling. Since the job market is tough, you need to stand out even during intern programs. Since most of the world is under some form of lockdown, you will need creative ways of showing your presence at work—here are some ideas!


Keep your camera on in meetings

A physical work environment lets you naturally connect with colleagues or your bosses. There is no avoiding the daily or weekly conferences when you are on-site, but it’s more challenging to stay present when you’re doing things remotely. 

When you attend meetings, you give the impression that you want to be present and engage with the company. Attending a work meeting should not be intimidating; let it be a way for you to speak up about something that catches your attention, or spend the time listening and absorbing information from your workmates.


Show gratitude to your colleagues 

Today, thank-you notes might seem quaint or outdated, but this personalized gesture will remain with people you have worked with long after you’ve ended your virtual internship. Be sure you thank all the people who had been part of your experience and express your gratitude.

Your time as an intern won’t be successful without your colleagues’ advice, assistance, wisdom, and generosity, so make sure you acknowledge their efforts! Make sure to include your contact information or even invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn. Doing this will make it easy to stay in touch even if you’re working for another company.


Connect with colleagues outside of work

The connections you make during your internships could be among the most crucial ones of your career. Networking can be intimidating, especially if you’re trying to connect with coworkers who are not your age or working with people you admire. However, remember that your mutual interest in the job or industry brought you together; chances are, they think the way you do about many things!

Talking with coworkers during work meetings is alright, but it could be constraining, especially when completing a virtual internship. Once the meeting ends, consider chatting with a colleague and talking to them about things not related to work. You could ask them about the shows they are watching, the food they’re cooking, or music recommendations.

Small talk might feel awkward for you, especially if you have to do it online. However, when you ask these seemingly silly questions, you show colleagues that you want to see them as people, not just workmates. This is something that will stay with them for a long time.



The world is shifting to remote work today, and many companies are starting to hire people for virtual internships or even full-time work-from-home roles. While it will need some adjustment on your part, connecting with people while working a remote job is possible. Remember to stay present, be interested, and show your gratitude to your coworkers. When you do this, it will be easy for them to reciprocate.

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