Virtual Internships’ 2020 Host Company Award Winners

2020 has no doubt been a challenging year, filled with many changes and “new normals” when it comes to our work lives. With many companies closing their offices and going fully-remote, many employees around the world have had to learn a completely new way of doing their day-to-day jobs.

As 2020 comes to a close, we wanted to take some time to celebrate the incredible host companies we work with. These companies represent more than 70 countries around the world, and a variety of sectors & industries. As we reflect on our own achievements in 2020, it is equally important to celebrate our host companies and the marvelous work they have been doing to support our interns and staff alike!

That’s why we wanted to unveil the winners of our 2020 Virtual Internships Host Company Awards! These awards consist of several categories such as “Best Intern Feedback”, “Most Interns Hosted”, and “Most Engaged Host Company”. Check out the full listing of winners below!


Best Intern Feedback


Congratulations to Nightspade (Indonesia) and Prosolutions (South Africa) who are the two winners of the “Best Intern Feedback” award!

These two host companies received perfect 5/5 feedback scores from their interns’ final evaluations, and were highly recommended as providing an excellent internship experience! Well done to these two companies for showing such a strong effort in making their interns’ experience so impactful!


Most Interns Hosted



Congratulations to Psion Insights (Singapore) who is the winner of the “Most Interns Hosted” award!

This company hosted 23 virtual interns during 2020, supporting a variety of tasks, projects, and departments at the company! Virtual interns at Psion Insights were able to work within the areas of HR, finance, design, business, and marketing. Congratulations again to Psion Insights for hosting such a large variety of virtual interns!


Most Interesting Project Placement Plan



Congratulations to CoLoadX (United States) and Portman Investment (Singapore) who are the two winners of the “Most Interesting Project Placement Plan” award!

These two companies developed project placement plans which were raved about by their interns! CoLoadX’s interns were researching and developing a handbook to be used as a training guide for new employees, as well as learning about the agricultural market for ocean freight! Interns at Portman Investment were assisting with the research and launch of a revolutionary IoT shower head that reduces water consumption by up to 40%, as well as a product expansion plan!


Most Engaged Host Company



Congratulations to our five winners chosen for the “Most Engaged Host Company” award – Moripesh (Kenya), BizBaz (Singapore), Omni App Solutions (Singapore), Consensus Healthcare Consultants (United States), and Quokka (Honk Kong)!

In addition to being incredibly engaging with their interns and our staff, these companies all took part in our global content marketing campaign, program evaluation, video submission, and more! Thanks again for your great contributions, and congratulations again to the winners!


Most Unique Host Company 



Congratulations to our four winners chosen for the “Most Unique Host Company” award – HarborMoor (United States) Divegraphy (Singapore), MusicDish (China), and Bitglim (South Korea). Check out their websites to learn more about what makes these host companies so unique, and the types of work they’re doing!

Once more, we send a hearty congratulations to all of our wonderful host companies chosen as award winners this year! We look forward to a great year of collaboration in 2021, and also look forward to continuing to grow our network of partners!

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