Work From Home Tips From the Pros

As we’re now in February of 2021, you’ve likely heard A LOT about this current trend of working remotely – also labeled working online, working from home, teleworking, telecommuting, or working virtually. While the terms vary, the concept of working from another location (likely your home or coworking space) has gained major traction in the last few years. It’s true that when compared to in-person work, working remotely does have its own unique benefits such as flexibility, no commute time, increased productivity, and more!

Working from home, while it does have its advantages, can also come with some challenges. Feeling isolated, lack of motivation, and finding it difficult to balance work vs “personal time” can also be difficult. If you’re currently a remote worker and still having issues adapting, we’re here to help!

Our Virtual Internships team spans 5 continents, with many of our team members working remotely for several years now! We reached out to members of our global team to ask their “expert” advice when it comes to remote work, and to share their top tips for working remotely and how to stay engaged when working from home!

Check out the great advice shared below!


Allison advice


Andrea advice


Andreea advice


Andy advice


Daniel advice


Jessie advice


Jillian advice


Katy advice


Kelen advice


Mirta advice


Rachael advice


Raksha advice


Stephanie advice


Tyler advice


Waverley advice

Interested in getting started with your own virtual internship? Now is your chance to implement these top tips for working remotely and start gaining experience today!

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