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Gaining work experience is essential for many jobs in the market. Today, most employers are looking to hire someone who has had relevant experience in the sector they want to pursue. However, for many people, they struggle to find work experience until someone employs them.

In today’s society, there is a rise in flexible work schedules. Some people work from home, some work in cafés, and some even work abroad. Thus, as the name suggests, Virtual Internships offers online internships to students and graduates who want to gain relevant work experience in a sector they wish to follow. So, not only does it tick all the convenience boxes, you can truly learn skills that are likely to be in higher demand in the future. According to PRWeb, there was a 20% increase from 2011 to 2012, suggesting that remote internships and telecommuting are becoming increasingly routine in today’s workplace.

Keep reading below to find out how Virtual Internships can help you boost your CV/resume, increasing your chances of landing a job interview and in turn, your dream job.

Who Are We?

We came together in early 2018, bound by a common desire to push the boundaries of employability, work experience and technology. Virtual Internships has an office in London where one of our Co-Founders, our CEO, COO and our admissions guru are based. Our other Co-Founder is based in Philadelphia, USA, and we’ll be growing our team there in due course. We also have a few remote colleagues up in Manchester, and another senior team member in France. You can even check out our Instagram for some photos of us working in some surprising locations.

Virtual Internships was founded by both Edward Holroyd Pearce and Dan Nivern. Two free-thinkers who sought to help students and graduates find work experience. Owing to their dedication and passion, they and the team at Virtual Internships assist people from all walks of life to find real-life work experience, creating a valuable impact on their future careers.

With over 12 years of experience of assigning people to placements, Ed, Dan and the rest of the lovely team at Virtual Internships understand what students, graduates and employers are looking for.

What Do We Offer?

With over twelve years of experience, we at Virtual Internships partner up with different companies to offer remote work experience in various sectors and industries, ensuring that people who sign up with us will gain invaluable experience. These internships are fantastic opportunities for those seeking experience, but mainly for students and graduates wishing to develop and hone their skills for future employment. The Telegraph even reports that students who take on internships are “three times more likely to get top jobs”.

Generally, our internships are designed to fit around your schedule. For example, you could currently be in a full-time job, part-time job, or studying and want to gain some relevant experience alongside. For our online internships, you will need an electronic device (i.e., a computer) and a stable WiFi connection. This means you have the flexibility to work anywhere you want, including at home, on campus, at a local coffee shop, or even at the beach.

In order to find out what you want to gain from the internship, we start by assessing an applicant’s current skills and ask what they want to achieve by the end of their internship. If we consider them as a capable candidate, we begin matching them with a host company so they can start their placement shortly. Thus, as the internship is completed online, most interns do not have to worry about travelling, timing or living expenses. Instead, they focus on what they want to gain from their internship with the host company. Ultimately, we invest in nurturing everyone on our internship programme. As a result, our internships are an excellent way for you to become an independent thinker equipped with the most relevant skills for your desired career.

What Will You Receive?

At the end of the internship, you will receive a reference from both Virtual Internships and the host company, which can significantly enhance your CV and employability. We will also present a report that reflects your progress, accomplishments and skills which you can show to employers. Overall, we aim to keep in touch with all our alumni to find out how they are progressing after the internship.

Coaching and training, via our state of the art platform, are provided throughout the internship to ensure you acquire the essential skills needed to be an effective go-getter for the host company. You will be directed and be given all the necessary tools to assist in your own personal development. Virtual Internships and the placement company would like to emphasise that all interns will receive support from the very first day. The London School of Economics has reported that internships can be useful in helping to build a network, paving the way for more opportunities along the way. After all, the internship is what you make of it. If you work hard and the company likes you back, it could be your golden ticket to your dream career and increase your employment prospects – giving you the tools to translate your skills effectively in an interview, and then perform within a role.

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