Virtual Internships and Elizabethtown College's School of Business Forge Dynamic Partnership

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania – Tuesday, November 7th, 2023 – Virtual Internships, a global leader in providing transformative global internship experiences, is announcing a continued strategic partnership with Elizabethtown College, a private co-ed institution known for its strong sense of community and academic excellence. This partnership, centered within the esteemed School of Business, signals a transformative era for business leadership development.

Entering the second year of the partnership following a successful pilot cohort in May 2023, Virtual Internships will support an upcoming cohort of ambitious students throughout their 12-week internships in 2024. The students –all with diverse backgrounds and aspirations– will pursue internships in career fields such as logistics and supply chain, marketing, finance, and business. This inclusive selection process reflects a shared commitment to offering opportunities to students irrespective of prior work experience or nationality. The Virtual Internships program for Elizabethtown students is funded by James B. Hoover ’75.

Suzy Biever-Grodzinski, Assistant to the Dean of the School of Business for Experiential Learning at Elizabethtown College, commented, "We aim to empower students for their future careers through meaningful work-based experience. This forward-looking approach emphasizes global competence and practical skills and enables students to benefit from on-campus resources, in-person support, and immersive experiential learning, aligning with Elizabethtown College's commitment to enriching education."

Virtual Internships has a global network of 13,000+ host companies in 80+ countries spanning a variety of industries. This extensive reach guarantees placement for students regardless of their location or background in their field of interest. Additionally, Virtual Internships provides wrap-around support to ensure students are successful including career coaching, continuous check-ins, and training for employers on how to structure their internship projects to maximize student outcomes.

"It’s an honor to work with a school that so deeply values the need for experiential learning opportunities in early career development,” added Daniel Nivern, CEO of Virtual Internships. “Our mission is to ensure there are no exceptions to gaining experience as a young individual entering the job market, and Elizabethtown College’s commitment to maximizing opportunities for their students perfectly aligns with that mission.”

By partnering with Virtual Internships, Elizabethtown College is able to guarantee placement for students in remote internships with companies from all over the world. These internships vary in length and often have flexible work schedules, enabling students to complete work on their own time. 1 in 4 interns placed by Virtual Internships are offered further opportunities by their host companies, and 81% agree they are more confident obtaining a future full-time job upon completion.

Students who are interested in learning more about how to secure a spot in the university’s placement program with Virtual Internships should reach out to Elizabethtown College’s School of Business for Experiential Learning.

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Virtual Internships is the leading internship platform that guarantees internship placements for students worldwide. Through partnerships with universities, governments, and non-profit organizations, Virtual Internships removes the traditional barriers to internships so that students can access relevant career opportunities regardless of their location or background. Virtual Internships has a network of 13,000+ host companies in 18 career fields ensuring every student gains the skills and experience to enter the workforce with confidence. 

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