Summer 2020 Intern Round Up – Virtual Internships

Undertaking a virtual or remote internship, especially for the first time, can be a bit intimidating to some. What if I have a hard time connecting with my supervisor? What if the company doesn’t like me? What if I get overwhelmed by work, or feel like I don’t have enough work?

Most people going into their first professional experience have experienced some of the above thoughts, and remote work is no different. It can be daunting to start your first internship, especially one that doesn’t involve you walking into an office and meeting your new team and manager in person. 

Even though you’ll be working from home, it’s crucial that you take steps to get to know your teammates and make a good impression with your company. We’ve gathered a list of great advice from our Virtual Internships program alumni who wanted to share their tips for how to succeed and make the most of your remote internship!

Manage your time. Try not to do everything in one day – space your time out through the time you are working and make sure you get your tasks done within the time frame.”

Kyle O. – Legal & Marketing Intern, Broward College

“Definitely try to create a structure for yourself. Because you have a lot more freedom and flexibility, you can easily get caught up and procrastinate on your work. I would definitely try to create structure in terms of your schedule. Also, maybe try to find a place at home which you can make your productive zone”. 

Angelina O. – Finance Intern, University of Pennsylvania 

“Communication is key, definitely. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before, during, or after your internship. Ask what you can do before you start and ask for feedback on how to improve.”

Thomas I. – Finance Internship, University of Birmingham

“Keep maintaining communication with the supervisor and the company you are working with. Even if there is no meeting scheduled, maybe send an email to your supervisor regarding how their work is going on.”

Naman S. – Business Intern, Aston University

“I would tell a future virtual intern to remain motivated, and follow a strict schedule so that you do not lose focus during the internship.”

Lee F. – Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Intern, University of Florida

“Even though the internship is virtual, make an effort to bond with your co-workers!”

Anya N. – Finance & IT Intern, University of Southern California

“Give it your best, be sure to properly make use of all the courses available on Career Bridge and try as much as possible to always be in communication with your supervisors.”

Tsolayemi A. – Business Intern, Aston University 

“Always strive to make sure you communicate efficiently and effectively with your supervisors. With virtual work, you may be in different time zones and do a lot of things through email, so just make sure you keep on top of it and you and your supervisor stay on the same page.”

Brandy Y. – Computer Science & IT Intern, University of Pennsylvania

“This kind of internship can be short, so try to exploit it from day one. Get in touch with all your teammates as soon as possible to start learning and practicing.”

Fabrizio E. – Marketing Intern, Aston University

“If you have a problem, don’t be afraid to talk to your boss. If they feel you are doing your best, they’ll try to give you accommodations as best as they can!”

Alexandra E. – Hospitality & Tourism Intern, Pennsylvania State University 

“Be proactive and do more than is expected of you.”

Melita K. – Finance Intern, University of Georgia 

“Learn to time-manage and find ways to avoid procrastination very early in the internship – this sets you up for the following weeks. It’s very important to set a routine so you can balance work-life and normal life.”

Roland P. – Business Intern, Aston University

“Take advantage of all the connections made throughout the internship, and never be afraid to ask questions from your supervisor”.

Nathan M. – Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Intern, University of Kansas

“One piece of advice would be to manage your time and to understand your work habits. Having a work routine is tremendously helpful in accomplishing tasks.”

Kellie B. – International Development & NGO Intern, Boston University

“I would advise that the intern be open-minded and be ready to take on new challenges that are presented. It would also be good for the intern to engage in activities and programs provided by Virtual Internships, as that will enhance professional development.”

Funmilayo O. – Finance Intern, Aston University


When beginning a virtual or remote internship, there will surely be areas in which you feel prepared, and areas in which you’re not so prepared. Success in your internship will be determined by your effort, accountability, and much more. As you can see from our alumni, each individual favors a different approach towards success in their own internship experiences. Consider the words of our alumni, and work hard towards your own success and professional development! 

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