How To Keep Yourself Motivated During Remote Working

Remote working has really become a thing these days, hasn’t it? Staying at home in your perfectly chosen armchair with your laptop on your lap, drinking your hot drink from your favorite cup, and wearing comfortable clothes. It sounds like the dream job… or not? In reality, working from home is not that easy and you quickly discover it takes more than office hours and a to-do list to be as productive and efficient as if you were at the workplace. 

There are definitely multiple pros and cons in working from home, depending on the job and person. For example, working from home allows for increased flexibility in work hours, a better work-life balance, and autonomy. This remote work can also result in a more difficult work-life balance as people have a hard time “logging off” from work. Some people also say that having less face to face interaction and increased distractions in their homes prove that remote work may not be for them.

Nevertheless, to keep yourself going you always have to remember your ‘top mission’ and what gets you out of bed in the morning. Are you money-motivated, passion-driven, or a combination of the two? Sometimes, you just have one of those days when nothing goes as planned, the phone keeps on ringing, your energy is low, and there is a lot of hustle in the house. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. As most of our Virtual Internships staff work remotely, we thought we could share some of our experiences and put together 5 tips we use to stay motivated during remote working, even when we have one of those “off” days.


Be organized

For a nice flow of the day, you need a clear idea of what your schedule looks like. A really useful tool is Google Calendar (or any other type of calendar) where you can set your working hours and fill up the gaps with tasks and meetings that should be run during the day. If you are someone who organizes meetings with staff or clients, you will want to have an account with an app such as Calendly that allows people to schedule meetings with you. You can integrate these two apps to avoid double-booking busy slots, which is very useful.

Scheduling and being organized is also helpful because it shows you when you will have free time to work on other things. Additionally, if you find 30 minutes of your time to start a new free online course about something interesting you want to learn, it can boost your energy even more and make your day really rewarding. 

If you enjoy being a little bit more old-fashioned you can always buy yourself a beautiful diary where you can take a note of your schedule and write to-do lists. Isn’t it so satisfying whenever you cross tasks off the list? Moreover, being organized increases your productivity and efficiency and helps you log off on time at the end of the day. You can even do the activities you don’t enjoy too much in the morning when you feel more energetic and leave the ones you prefer more for the afternoon – either way, you will have a successful day!  


Stay connected to your team

One of the advantages of being in the office is the human interaction – the people that are there to support you or have a 10-minute coffee break with during a stressful day. But what happens when you are in your own home and your dog is not really that helpful in giving you work advice? You can always jump on a video call with your team to give your dog or cat a break! 

There are many free apps you can use to connect with your colleagues, no matter their time zones and locations. Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts are just a few examples. Meetings can be used as a teambuilding activity – so be creative and start a short game of Kahoot or create a fun trivia game! Human interaction can boost your energy and make remote working more enjoyable – keeping you motivated! Luckily, technology is advanced enough to facilitate this very well!    


Have a set work routine

It is highly important to create an office environment to keep you away from potential distractions – even though Netflix has just released that new movie you’re dying to watch! Create a solid routine for yourself: get up early, dress casually, and set a desk where you have everything you need to get through the day. By getting yourself into “work mode”, you can focus on your work and projects for the day.

To be productive and also have a healthy work-life balance, you need to create boundaries between personal and professional life at home. Never wear pajamas and stay in bed while you’re working – your brain will be confused and will associate the bedroom with stress rather than relaxation. Similarly, replying to business calls all day long no matter the time could transform you into a workaholic. It’s important to find the line between when you’re available and when you’re “offline” to avoid remote work causing any issues with your personal life and relationships.


Plan an exciting activity after work

People are always more motivated when they have something to be enthusiastic about. That’s why it’s good to have an exciting schedule planned for when you finish working. This could be going to a restaurant to try a new cuisine or starting a new membership at the local sports hall to join some fun fitness classes after many hours of sitting down. If it’s a nice day out, how about visiting a new outdoor park or going to have dinner outside? If the weather is not in your favor, plan a movie marathon or get together with some friends!

The bottom line is to keep a positive attitude and keep yourself engaged. By enjoying yourself outside of work hours, your remote working motivation will follow! 


Find things that help you focus

Some people find it hard sometimes to relax and focus during work, and this will affect their performance and motivation to finish that to-do list we mentioned before.One way to help get into the groove of a productive workday is to put on some music.

There are many YouTube music soundtracks that can enhance a comfortable atmosphere and if you also add some essential oils of lavender or vervain, you will certainly feel better. An aromatherapy diffuser is small enough to fit on your desk but not interfere with your workspace – it’s also a really great piece of design. Moreover, you can sometimes start your day by trying a new drink. Try searching the internet for new recipes and ways to prepare your coffee or tea, to help give you that crucial boost to start your day! Whatever gets you excited for your workday and helps keep you engaged and focused throughout work hours, go for it!

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