Alumni Stories: What Skills Can You Develop Through an Online Internship?

Professional opportunities, such as internships, give you the chance to grow in a variety of ways and take on new challenges. In any internship, you will have the opportunity to build a network of professional contacts, enhance your existing resume/CV, explore your intended career path, understand the inner workings of a business, and continue learning new skills within your field.

When it comes to remote working, what are the types of skills you can gain if all your work is being done over the computer? Are there ways to enhance your professional development when you won’t be conducting any in-person work?

Don’t let us be the judge! We’ve surveyed many of our previous virtual interns, who are here to share their stories and discuss the skills they gained through their remote internship! These interns represent a wide variety of interests and career fields, and each of their answers is quite unique! Check out the full list of what skills you can develop through an online internship below!


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