Talking Liberty, Equality & Fraternity at Paris Conference on Education

Monica Dugo will be representing Virtual Internships at the Paris Conference on Education (PCE2022) from June 16th-19th, to meet and exchange ideas with global delegates.


Resilience – The Theme of this Year’s Paris Conference on Education

The pandemic allowed educators the space to rethink the relationship with both the self and those immediately nearby, but also with the wider world. The sessions have a major focus on how global educational systems have drastically implemented innovative solutions necessary for both survival and sustainability in the new normal.

Noteworthy Speakers

Presenting at the event is Tim Gore, Chief Executive Officer of the University of London Institute in Paris, France. His keynote, titled “Knowledge sans Frontières”, explores the challenges and opportunities facing universities and their epistemic communities. How can they better address the building and sharing of knowledge that benefits global development and all of society?

The Purpose of the Conference

Held across four continents, IAFOR’s education conferences attract more than 2,000 delegates a year from more than 100 countries. Education as an (inter)discipline drives the purpose of the forum by bringing alive the notions of the international, the intercultural and the interdisciplinary through scholarly and political encounters.


Connect With Us at the Paris Conference on Education

For more information about our educational innovative collaborations, please reach out to Monica Dugo to learn more about our strategic partnerships via the form below.

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