How to Launch Your Career by Combining Your Passions with Jacky Ho

If you’re wondering how to launch your career by combining your passions, then make sure you tune into Jacky Ho

In this expert webinar, you will learn all about Jacky Ho’s journey in thinking outside of the box and combining his two passions –fashion and technology– to establish a successful smart-garment company and a prestigious career. 


What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

An Introduction to Jacky Ho & Bio Union

Meet Jacky Ho and learn all about his company, Bio Union, where he combines textile engineering, medical sensors, AI and modern technology to create smart-garments that improve human health.

Jacky Ho’s Background

Gain insight into Jacky Ho’s background: specifically, his inspirations, his creative processes, his introduction to technology and his first portfolio website.

The Change in 2005: The Beginnings of Innovation

Learn all about Jacky’s transition from technology to design and technology.

How it Started

A glimpse into Jacky’s journey from a small office to a distinguished design/fashion studio.


Gain insight into Jacky’s process in evolving his service.

First Fashion Show

Learn all about Jacky’s first fashion show in Vancouver, combining fashion and 3D printing to create a worldwide hit.

It is the Time: Late 2014

See how a family illness sparked the beginnings of Jacky Ho’s innovative smart-garments.


Gain a glimpse into the creation of his ECG-sensored activewear collection.


Learn all about Jacky Ho’s initial success, speaking at the medic conference.

The Beginnings of Bio Union

Discover the beginnings of Bio Union and how Jacky Ho continued to push forward despite the difficulties of the global pandemic.

How Did I Do This

Take in all of Jacky Ho’s expert tips and tricks for success: specifically:

  • Thinking Outside of the Box
  • Gaining Trusted Feedback 
  • Self-Belief
  • Never Stop Exploring


Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Speaker

Jacky Ho considers himself half-entrepreneur, half-educator. He has seven years of teaching experience, twelve years of fashion/visual design experience, eight years of new business development experience, and specialisms in IoT and blockchain technology.

Jacky’s early career was focused on multimedia design, UX, and medical device engineering. 

When he is not keeping busy as the CEO of Bio Union or teaching, he enjoys making digital art and music, studying research papers, and taking online courses.

If you’re interested in learning how you can build your career by combining your passions, then tune into Jacky Ho’s expert webinar here!

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