The Paradigm Shift of Internships – How To Succeed As A Remote Intern

The mainstream media has painted a rather romanticized version of internships—your vision will likely be imbued with ideas of tall fancy buildings and picking up coffee and sandwiches for that board meeting. You’ll either be sitting in and taking down notes, or occasionally being asked to create copies of various documents. While this may indeed be true in some internships, the world of internships goes beyond just fancy buildings, huge companies, and cups of coffee. Students can now experience internships remotely in any industry, where your virtual presence will be extremely welcomed. 

Given the current digital world, virtual internships are more common now more than ever. And, with a pandemic to worry about, many companies are now considering the possibility of moving most internship activities online. Whether you’re planning on working remotely or not, your end goal should be to maximize your experiences. 

Internships are there as a taste of the real world, after all, and you’ll want to ensure you extract the best possible experiences which help you learn more about the future career path you wish to take. Granted, internships vary depending on your chosen company, but that shouldn’t detract you from being the best intern you can be. Here’s how:


1. Always come prepared 

Regardless of your work setup, always coming to your work day prepared will help you shine. Upon starting, make sure you have studied all the necessary forms and documents handed to you—this will include training materials, job descriptions, and even tools and equipment guides – all of which are necessary to help you perform your best. 

Have all your gadgets tested beforehand, especially your laptops, headphones, and built-in microphones. Your internet connection must be up to speed, and your workspace free from any distractions. Keep a notebook with you at all times, as well as pens for taking notes. With everything set, nothing should deter you from delivering a productive day!


2. Organization is key

The real world will need your certificates and diplomas, but there is an unspoken secret to career success—your organisational skills. An internship will help you hone just that, and given that you’ve applied for a remote position, you’ll be able to adopt the self-monitoring skills needed to stay on top of your tasks. 

Projects, clients, and other deliverables will constantly be flowing, and without a supervisor to watch your work 24/7, you’ll need to ensure that you’re beating deadlines. There are many tools and software platforms available for free, to keep track of your time, plans, and even to-do lists. By doing so, you show the company that you are reliable and trustworthy, traits which make up a good employee.


3. Reach out to your supervisors

Although internships are essentially a taste of the real world, understand that you are there to learn. Your supervisors are more than just managers—they’re also your mentors. As an intern, you’re given the chance to work with seasoned professionals, ones who are equipped with years of industry experience and knowledge your books cannot teach you. 

Be sure to make an extra effort to reach out to your supervisor and other colleagues for questions, advice, and other career concerns. The idea here is to maintain communication, so make it a habit to constantly reach out. Invite them to virtual chats and even coffee sessions, but make sure to keep your intentions clear!


4. Working Towards Your Future

Your concept of internships may be a romanticized version of the industry, but keep in mind that there are countless ways to accomplish an internship. One of the rising methods is remote internships, which do not in any way detract from the benefits brought by traditional work environments. 

From the tips aforementioned, we can safely deduce that becoming a rockstar intern can be possible, even online. All you need to do is come with the right mindset—do your work well, reach out, and never cease learning. By doing so, you not only gain valuable experience but can be recognized as a commendable future employee.

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