How to Be a Great Project Manager and Run Successful Projects with Arda Deniz Aksular

If you’re looking to kickstart a project, but you’re not too sure where to begin, be sure to check out our expert webinar by Arda Deniz Aksular!

From business building to learning corporate basics, Arda’s expert webinar covers all of the fundamental components that you need to run a successful project as well as how to be a great project manager.


What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

1. An Introduction: The Working World & Projects

An introduction to the working world and the percentage of ‘good’ or successful projects in our corporate culture.

2. Why Do We Need Projects?

Gain insight into why we need projects, why we kick-start projects, and the mechanics of projects.

3. What is a Project & What is a Project’s Life Cycle?

Learn all about projects and how they function in our everyday lives, and the multiple stages of a project’s life cycle.

4. The Idea

Gain an understanding of idea implementation.

5. Elements of a Good Project

Learn all about the five elements that make up a good project: the idea, the product, promotion, networking, and chance.

6. Feasibility Study: Analysis Phase

Insight into the importance of analysis in project-building.

7. Strategy Analysis

A glimpse into the gravity of strategy analysis in a project.

8. The Bigger Picture: What Makes a Good Project?

Learn all about the five micro components of a good project: relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability.

9. The Importance of Visibility

Develop your understanding of the importance of visibility and promotion, and how these elements contribute to successful projects.

10. Be Flexible & Realistic

Gain advice on creating your own projects and how to be a great project manager from others.

11. Bad Practices (That Aren’t That Bad)

Learn all about bad project practices and how they actually aid development.

12. Summary: What Skills You Need

Gain expert advice on the skills you need to create a successful project.


Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Speaker

Since 2011, Arda Deniz Aksular has been working as an EU Affairs Expert at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Turkey, where he has monitored over one hundred EU projects. Besides project management, Arda is interested in science, games, gamification, and STEM education.

Arda received his MSc and Ph.D. degrees from the Middle East Technical University in Turkey. He has also obtained a second MSc degree in Information Technology from the University of London, which was funded by the prestigious British Chevening Scholarship. 

If you’re interested in learning how to be a great project manager, then tune into Arda Deniz Aksular’s expert webinar here!

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