The College Student’s Guide on the Best Times to Apply for an Internship

Internships are an integral part of life as a whole, as these teach the youth work customs and cultures that give them a jump start in their career. A proper internship will provide proper training curriculums and programs to show students the ropes, and if they do well enough, employers may consider getting them on board. So if you are a student and wondering what the best time to apply for an internship is, consider a few of the things we are about to present to you.

The Best Time To Apply For An Internship

Your degree program is likely to have a few units for your internship, so if you are planning to apply for one to get those out of the way, you will need to consult with the school. There are normally application deadlines to be followed when it comes to school-sanctioned internships, but also note that competitive internships exist. 

Competitive internships have a formal application process and contain deadlines that are earlier in the year than one that you arrange by yourself. You can also apply for these all throughout your entire college career to gain an edge on the competition. So consider your options when you are deciding about your internship. 

Can I Apply As A First-Year Student?

While most students complete their internships during junior or senior year to increase the chances of the experience leading up to a job offer right away, the short answer is: yes, you can. Nowadays, it is more common for even freshmen and sophomores to start interning as early as then, with some doing internships for all four years of their college life. While these may not be credited, they will surely boost your resume’s credibility in the future, and even help you land better internships in your later college years due to better experience. So there really are no downsides to getting started early, as the business and employment world looks for experience more than anything. 

When Do I Apply For An Internship With Credit

If you are interested in an internship with credit, colleges usually have deadlines to be met, so check with the administration’s office for these. Most colleges will not secure internships for students, so this means you will need to reach out to your desired employers in advance to land a position.

Applying For A Paid Summer Internship

It is possible to land a paid internship during your summer, which is the perfect time especially when there really is nothing better to do in certain instances. The deadlines of these are as early as late fall, with the common timeframe by employers to screen applicants from January to March. Your college’s career office can help with this, and even provide assistance funds for students who don’t land a paid internship for the summer. 

Our Tips For A Successful Application Process

1. Be Organized

Be aware of deadlines from both your college and the companies you wish to apply to. Set a note on your calendar applications ASAP to remind you.

2. Apply To A Multitude Of Roles

In job hunting, we can’t always get what we want, so keep applying for more chances of winning. Don’t expect that you’ll get the role, because this is not a good practice to get used to in the real world.

3. Pay Attention To Details

Think about logistics, like where you’ll be living and how you’ll pay for housing. Think about finances and practical details, especially if the internship is unpaid.

4. Work Hard On A Professional Resume And Cover Letter

Think of this as your real documents for after college. Don’t slack off and make it sub-par. You will want a set of documents that puts you above other applicants, so work on these as much as you can.

5. Follow The Instructions For Application

Read well! There will always be a set of instructions, so make sure everything is complete and concise for hiring managers to get a good impression of you.


Internships are an excellent way to garner experience and gain an edge on your competing graduates and workers. Make sure you do your best and apply to many to get the best results and experience.

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