Embracing Lifelong Career Development at the APCDA/IAEVG Virtual Conference 2022

Careers span 40-plus years of our lives, yet students are often given a window (usually through their higher education period) to decide what they want to do for that entirety! 

With factors such as globalization, digitization, and traditional jobs disappearing or being redesigned and completely new jobs emerging, career development and discovery through remote opportunities is the way forward. 


Join Us at APCDA/IAEVG Virtual Conference 2022 

With our mission in mind, we are excited to attend the APCDA/IAEVG Virtual Conference on May 17th-28th, 2022. The theme for this year is “Embracing Lifelong Career Development.

Speaking on this important topic, exceptional keynote speakers including Dr. Ken Keis will discuss  “Why and How Purpose Comes Before Career?” and Ms. Donnalee Bell and Dr. Deirdre Pickerell will talk about “Ethical Practices in the Gig Economy”. 

If you are attending and would like to know more about how to offer guaranteed remote internships to your students, please reach out to us.

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