3 Tips to Writing a Winning Resume for Your Remote Internship – Our Guide

Resume: (also referred to as curriculum vitae, or CV) is an account of a person’s employment history, experience, skills, achievements, volunteering, and can include a variety of other notable data. If you’re planning on learning how to write a winning resume/CV, it’s good to understand what it actually is first!

Writing a resume goes beyond listing down your achievements. It’s a powerful marketing tool that gives potential employers a glimpse of your background, skills, and education as it summarizes your full potential in a one-page, easy-to-read document. 

It plays a pivotal role in helping you land a career in your future job searches, but it is just as much of a vital component in your internship search. HR managers can take as fast as seven seconds to judge a resume, which means a good resume is one that can catch attention and leave a lasting impression. 

With that in mind, the tips below should help you outline your potential and create a winning resume that will land you a spot on your dream internship. 

1. Customize Your Resume According to the Company You’re Applying For 

It’s easy to send out a mass e-mail using a ready-made resume, but using the same format that describes your skills and achievements will not have the same impact on every recruiter. The best way to create an effective resume is to tailor the content based on your relevant experiences, school work, and skills. 

Ensuring that your qualifications match what the hiring manager is looking for can immediately catapult you ahead of the competition. While it takes extra effort to research each company and adjust your resume, minor tweaks can go a long way in boosting your chances of success. 

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2. Define Your Priorities 

Many people think that bombarding the recruiter with pages upon pages of achievements and work experience is impressive. However, too much information can detract from your main point – which is that you have the necessary skills that suit the company you want to intern for. 

With that in mind, grouping your relevant skills can help you catch your prospective employer’s attention as it ensures your strongest assets hit its mark. This includes defining your priorities, which may involve giving more focus to a certain aspect in your resume – be it your education or other work experience. 

3. Add a “Technology Skills” Section When Applying for Remote Internship

While your skills and accomplishments are the heart of your resume, it helps to add dedicated space for technical skills relating to remote internships. This includes noting down experiences with collaboration tools like Zoom, Google Chat, Hangouts, and Dropbox. 

Other skills such as a knack for document software like Google Suite or Microsoft Office are sure to enhance your resume as it gives off the impression that you can handle telecommunications without a cinch. 

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Your Resume Sets the Tone of Your Work Ethics and Skills 

A resume is a starting point that allows you to introduce yourself as a potential candidate for your remote internship. The formula for creating a winning resume for offline and online work is virtually the same, though adding extra skills such as your knowledge on online tools and communication can make all the difference. 

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